TV/Music Industry

TV/Music Industry Cars

Cruise through the City of London with one of our music video car hire packages or provide the ultimate getaway car with our TV car hire services.

Having worked with some of the leading professionals in the media industry, our luxury sports cars have been included in many UK & US Music Industry along with Movies and day time Reality Shows.

Vehicles that have been included within the media have included Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Aston Martin’s and more. Our expertly maintained vehicles will guarantee to add a WOW factor to your production no matter what the scenario. Each vehicle can be adjusted for your requirements.

We will supply you with your vehicle of choice directly to your location. One of our chauffeurs will then arrange the collection of the vehicle on completion of your project.

The Benefits

  • High Performance Cars Available
  • Personal Chauffeurs On Request
  • Experienced Professionals in the Media Industry
  • Short Term Notice , No Problem
  • Movies ,Music Videos or Events
  • Supercars, Hypercars & Prestige Cars Available
  • Free Quotation For Your Project

Some Of Our TV/Music Rental Cars

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