So much choice on the market means arriving in style on your big day is guaranteed, no matter what your preference or theme. You can choose from modern sports cars or traditional, old fashioned vehicles depending on what you want your overall wedding style to be. However, being spoilt for choice can make finding the right car difficult and time-consuming, so below are a shortlist of the best cars for a summer wedding.

Wedding bouquet on car

The perfect summer wedding car

When deciding on the car you want for your big day, you may find making a checklist or criteria will help you consolidate your ideas and narrow down your options. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

Firstly, you might want to choose a car which matches your theme. If you are opting for a traditional themed wedding, an ideal choice would be a vintage car, such as Rolls Royce Phantom or Viscount Landaulette. On the other hand, if you are hoping to have a more modern wedding, a perfect match would be a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

For brides, another crucial factor which often gets overlooked is to consider the size of the car in comparison to the size of the wedding dress. Your wedding venue may not be a short drive away so you want to guarantee you are comfortable for the entirety of the journey and can get in and out without difficulty. For example, if you have a ball-gown-style wedding dress, a small Ferrari may not be the best option. You should instead opt for a spacious limo where you will not feel cramped or confined and can enjoy your journey.

Finally, and most importantly, picking a reputable company is necessary to avoid disappointment on your special day. Wedding Car hire Kent offers a variety of cars to choose from and impeccable service to ensure your summer wedding runs smoothly.

Wedding car under trees


If you are looking to have a modern twist, Lamborghini’s are becoming an increasingly popular choice for wedding cars. Available in a variety of bold colours, arriving at your wedding venue in a Lamborghini will have your guests turning their heads before you have even stepped out of the car. With Royal Rentals, you can a variety of Lamborghini’s to chose from, including the LP610-4 Huracan Spyder in Green or Orange. If you are conscious of consistency on your wedding day, opting for a bright colour car like this will ensure you have an authentic colour palette which matches the season. Another bonus of choosing a convertible Lamborghini is that you can enjoy the summertime weather with the roof down on your way to the venue.

Rolls Royce

A classic wedding car choice perfect for a summer wedding would be the Rolls Royce Dawn. The elegant four-seater convertible provides a comfortable interior with leather upholstery so you can be assured your journey will be relaxed and enjoyable. Rolls Royce cars are easily recognised with their eye-catching features and will have your guests gazing in awe as you make your stylish entrance. An icon of opulence, a Rolls Royce is more than a classic wedding car choice; it is a part of British history and the perfect picturesque feature for any special occasion.

Front of car

Range Rover

Range Rover’s are considered to be a very sophisticated and luxurious choice of wedding car. A nice personal touch for your summer wedding would be to match with your significant other. The groom could arrive in a sleek black Range Rover, and the bride can arrive in a white one to match her dress. You may think Range Rover’s are quite common cars nowadays, but you can make them even more personal for your special day by adding bunting. Ginger Ray offer a vast selection of bunting in a plethora of themes which will suit any wedding, including rustic and botanical.

Imperial Viscount Landaulette

Vintage cars such as the Imperial Viscount Landaulette boasts elegance and class and would be the perfect match if you have a traditional wedding theme. The Viscount is the latest model of the top-rated Imperial wedding car, so it has the benefits of a modern vehicle while still having its classic 1930s exterior. Imperial Landaulette’s are typically seven seaters and are partially convertible making it an ideal choice for a summer wedding and for those who want to travel with close friends or family. To make your car that extra bit special, personalised wedding ribbon is an excellent choice and can also be kept as a keepsake once your big day is over.


If your style is glamorous and chic, a limousine would be the perfect wedding car for you. Starlite’s Chrysler Krystal 300 stretch limo can fit up to 8 passengers and comes fully equipped with 2 TVs and a bar area. Not only does this mean you can start celebrations early, but the room for passengers is perfect if you have a large bridal party. Another benefit of opting for a spacious limousine is that you will not have to worry about dress size as there will be plenty of room to spare. Many car rental companies will also give you to option to have a uniformed chauffeur drive you to your destination, meaning you get the ultimate celebrity treatment.

White Limousine


If you are looking for ultimate luxury on your wedding day, a Bentley will suit your needs without compromising comfort or style. Supercar Hire London offers a range of Bentley’s including the GT Coupe V8S which can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 5 seconds. However, it is not the vehicles outstanding performance which makes it the perfect wedding car. Ultimately, it is Bentley’s distinctive exterior that will give your wedding a sophisticated and charming ambience.

A day to remember

No matter what car you end up picking, you are going to want to remember every last detail of your wedding day. To capture every moment, including arriving in your dream car, Mark Fraser Photography will ensure you will have wedding photographs of the highest standard to remind you of your perfect summer wedding.