As one of our newest additions to our world-class fleet available for luxury supercar hire in London, the Bentley Continental GT Coupe sets the standard for the classic yet modern supercar. If you like the look of this elite supercar, get in touch with a member of our team for more information and availability. We offer delivery and collection free of charge, and our cars are available for hire in London and Milton Keynes, or check out the other areas we cover!

What Sets The Bentley Continental GT Apart?

With its 6 litre 12-cylinder engine and whopping 635-horsepower, the second-generation Bentley Continental GT has dramatically enhanced both its look and performance. Sporting a more athletic-looking, sleek and streamlined exterior, it is an ideal choice for formal events and wedding car hire in London.

For the new design, the front wheels of the Bentley Continental GT have been shifted forward, which has dramatically improved the driving experience as the car’s weight is better distributed. The stylish, spacious front seat interior and impressive system add to the car’s appeal, ensuring that you arrive at your venue with ease and in luxurious comfort.

Our chosen Bentley Continental GT model, now available to hire, is featured in a commanding black exterior and is paired with deep, leather interior seats and wood panelling, which emphasises the sophistication of this beast. You won’t have to compromise on style when opting for this beautiful machine!

Bentley Continental GT

Ready To Hire This World-Class Beast?

At Royal Rentals, we are known for delivering a high-quality, well-renowned service for anyone looking for their next luxury driving experience. If you’re looking to hire the Bentley Continental GT for your next event, you must be at least 30 years old and over, and we will need to see appropriate identification, including a valid driving licence and passport.

Get in touch with our team via Whatsapp today for your next unmissable supercar reservation.


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