Light on its feet and able to change direction like no other, the McLaren 720S is an all-around showstopping luxury supercar that can reach a whopping speed of 62mph in an unbelievable 2.9 seconds flat (and 100mph in just 5.2 seconds!)

This luxury supercar hire for your next special occasion is sure to be a memorable experience. The McLaren 720S is a well-renowned member of our glorious fleet, available for luxury car hire in London, Milton Keynes, and other areas we cover. We offer delivery and collection free of charge, and our rates include free 100 miles per day.

What Can You Expect From The McLaren 720S?

Replacing the 650S model with an upgraded 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and upper structure with chassis surround, you’ll be able to feel and hear the power of this beauty’s engine from the outset. Incredibly stylish with an aerodynamic design, the McLaren 720S is lighter and stronger than its predecessors of the same make. The core of this car is its carbon-fibre interior design with a two-seat cabin.

Our specific McLaren model is featured in a strikingly beautiful ‘Volcano Yellow’ shade and matte black rims; it will be sure to be one to turn heads while you drive.

McLaren 720S

Ready To Hire This World-Leading Supercar?

Royal Rentals delivers a first-class service for anyone looking for their next luxury car experience. If you’re looking to hire the McLaren 720S, you must be 30 years and over and will need to provide a valid driving licence and passport.

Get in touch with us today via Whatsapp to reserve your next prestige car hire in London, Milton Keynes and beyond.


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