When you hear the word ‘supercar’, Ferrari is always the brand that comes to mind. Whether you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a model or are dreaming of a lottery win to invest in your own, it would be almost impossible to find anyone who could possibly turn down a ride in a Ferrari.

With an extensive history behind the brand, it’s no surprise that they have become the manufacturers of some of the most-loved luxury vehicles. So we thought that we would take time to appreciate the lavish designs by taking a look back at the best Ferraris of all time.

A Royal Rentals Guide To The Best Ferraris Of All Time

Having spent many years offering supercar hire in Mayfair and the surrounding London boroughs, we must admit that the Ferrari remains one of our favourite luxury car brands. There is no doubt that a Ferrari is instantly recognisable, from the roar of the engine to the sleek appearance, making it a popular choice amongst our clients. If you are considering treating yourself to a hire package, then it’s time to make the tricky decision of which model you will choose. To give you a helping hand, let’s take a closer look at the following:

Red Ferrari

Ferrari 488 GTB Coupe

Back in 1975, we saw the Maranello front-engine upgraded to a newer version, the V6 Dino, which was Ferrari’s first-ever engine of this design. Skip to the modern-day, and we have been introduced to the 17th descendant of the world-famous line, in the form of the 488 GTB. So what makes the Ferrari 488 GTB Coupe different from the others? Well, to start, it hits another significant milestone, becoming the brands first turbo-assisted mid-engined car since the F40 created back in 1987. It has been designed to offer a considerably higher performance experience than the 458, a model it is often compared to, able to deliver full throttle in as little as 0.8 seconds, while also reaching 62mph in an astonishing 3 seconds! The overall drive is powered by cutting-edge technology, allowing you to enjoy a drive like no other.

When taking a closer look at the interior, you will notice higher definition screens, presenting you with everything from temperature controls to navigation. This makes the overall feel super modern and expensive, complete with ergonomic seats for total comfort. There is also a handful of practical elements which adds to the convenience of the Ferrari 488 GTB Coupe, including a reasonably sized boot at the front, gloveboxes and cupholders.

Ferrari 488 Coupe

Ferrari 488 Spider

The second variant of the Ferrari 448 is the Spider, which slightly differs from the Coupe as it is designed as a hardtop convertible. As you can imagine, the Spider is just as powerful as any other Ferrari model, accelerating to 124mph in only 8.7 seconds with complete ease, making it the quickest-ever drop-top. It offers an impressive shifting dual-clutch, offering a smooth drive, regardless of speed. When combined with the magnetic dampers, even the roughest of road conditions will not phase the Spider, making every drive simply effortless.

Although in the past Ferrari was known for putting more attention into the engine as opposed to the interior, this most definitely is no longer the case. The modernised features make operating the top-class vehicle a straightforward task with the overall design heavily focused on the driver. When sat in the driver’s seat, you will notice two pods, which act as both your entertainment and car information hubs.

Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

The next Ferrari in our list is the F12 Berlinetta, which is the ideal option for those who adore the traditional feel of the brand. It was initially designed to replace the 599 GTB with Ferrari filling the model with all of the modern features that you could imagine. The result was the perfect balance between a GT and supercar, making it one of the most sought-after models for clients interested in our luxury car hire in London. Its combination of a top speed of 211mph, 730 horsepower and smooth linear power delivery makes the F12 Berlinetta an absolute dream to drive around the boroughs of the capital.

In terms of appearance, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is just as striking as anticipated, and this feeling of utter luxury continues through to the interior. With plush leather seats, alloy highlights and lacquered carbon-fibre, the fit-out is everything that you could ask for when envisioning the feel of a vintage Ferrari. The seats, in particular, have been designed with a moulded fit, helping them to accommodate your body shape for a comfortable drive.

If you are interested in our luxury car hire in Chelsea or any of the surrounding boroughs, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Through spending time getting to know your requirements, a bespoke hire package will be devised to allow you to make the most out of your experience.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari Portofino

It would only be fair to complete our guide to the best Ferraris with another prestige convertible, the Ferrari Portofino. Manufactured to carry on from where the popular California T left off, the Portofino features a refined balance between dynamism and versatility, offering a model that encapsulates the performance of a Ferrari while also being practical enough to use as an everyday car. In order to achieve this, not only was the suspension stiffened but the steering was also switched over to electromechanical. This creates a calmer, more precise drive, making it ideal for those who are looking to invest in their first Ferrari. If this is a milestone that you are considering, then our supercar hire in London is a fantastic way to experiment with the Portofino for a few days before investing.

When it comes to the interior, it is important to note that unlike when designing other models, Ferrari spent a considerable amount of time carrying out market research before shortlisting ideas for the Portofino. Again, this means that the inside is super convenient, featuring handy storage compartments and a 10.2 inch HD touch screen, making it even more functional as an everyday vehicle. The seats, as always, are made using comfortable leather, complete with extendable cushions to alter to fit with your preferences.

Ferrari Portofino

Enjoy The Ultimate Ferrari Experience!

As self-confessed supercar enthusiasts, we can most definitely confirm that everyone needs to enjoy the thrill of a ride in a luxury model at least once in their lives and the Ferrari is the perfect place to start. With a whole host of innovative features and the sleek signature appearance, there is no better way to encapsulate yourself in the ultimate supercar experience!