Throughout supercar history, the rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini has seen the two car manufactures designing supercars in the aim to produce the heights spec and most luxurious cars the world has ever seen. The design, technology, ability to reach exceptional speeds and the capability of offering a memorable experience, are just some reasons that you would rent an outstanding Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar. Luckily for you, Royal Rentals has an exceptional range of Ferrari and Lamborghini supercars ready for you to try when using our luxury car hire in London. To help you decide which supercar to choose for your next luxury experience, here is the history behind the famous Ferrari versus Lamborghini supercar war.

Supercar Showdown Of Ferrari Versus Lamborghini

The rivalry between two of the worlds most prestige supercar manufactures has surprising helped the advancement in supercar development. The passion that oozes out of the body of a car that holds one of these powerful company badges glistening on the bonnet is enough to get any car enthusiast excited. With over 50 years of rich history between the Ferrari and Lamborghini, it’s no wonder that they have become a crowd favourite.

Where It All Began

The rivalry of Ferrari and Lamborghini begins with their founders aiming to achieve the unthinkable by creating the first perfect, outstanding and stunning supercar the world has ever seen. Here we see the beginning of a fantastic journey that both these manufactures take to reach their goals of taking our breath away with every car design.


The Ferrari company was founded by Enzo Ferrari, in 1947, after a long career in the racing industry. Following his leave from his official racing division in 1939, Ferrari produced his very first car, which he named the 815. The 815 was surprisingly primarily built from a Fiat 508 C base frame due to material shortages caused by the growing tension between Europe prior to World War Two. Although it was a tough task developing the 815 under pressurised circumstances, it was eventually able to compete in the 1940 Mille Miglia and revolutionised the supercar industry. From this point going forward, Ferrari continued to succeed in his Formula 1 racing endeavours.


While Ferrari was evermore succeeding in supercar supremacy, Ferruccio Lamborghini was following his mechanical interests by focusing his business on making tractors after World War Two. Due to Lamborghini’s success and therefore increased wealth, he began collecting racing cars, of which, to our surprise, included one of Enzo Ferrari’s masterpieces. Although some of us can only dream of owning a luxurious Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini would drive his Ferrari and discover faults within the engineering of the car. It is fair to say that Lamborghini’s ‘constructive criticism’ did not go down well with the Ferrari company. It was from this point forward, that Lamborghini began to construct his own supercar, and in 1963, founded the Automobili Lamborghini with the Lamborghini 350 GTV. As you may have guessed, starting the Lamborghini company did not go down well with Ferrari, and the supercar rivalry was initiated.

Old 815 Ferrari
Photo Credit To Car Throttle.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder VS Ferrari 488 Spider

The rivalry proceeds to the present day as Lamborghini continues to outdo Ferrari’s 488 Spider with the high-performance Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, both of which are available in our supercar hire in London and the surrounding areas. Although the cars aim to compete with each other to exceed the others performance, both cars are extraordinary in their own right.

It is very clear from the design that Lamborghini and Ferrari aim to separate themselves from the other by creating a unique yet identifiable body. The Huracan Spyder has a sharp appearance as it aims to cut through the air and defy aerodynamics. On the other hand, the 488 Spider has a subtle masculine yet beautiful design. Both cars have their distinct Lamborghini and Ferrari appearance so that you know exactly what branded car you’re getting into without having to look at the badge on the bonnet.

Although the Huracan Spyder may have a cutting edge and memorable design, the 488 Spider slightly exceeds in performance. If it is speed that you are looking for, then the 488 Spider is your best bet. Ferrari’s history with racecar engineering prevails with the 488 Spider, which has a twin-turbo V8 installed, of which is capable of reaching 60mph in just 3 seconds. Although Lamborghini fails to exceed Ferrari’s performance, its 5.2-litre V10 is still able to reach 60mph in 3.4 seconds. This may seem a little less impressive than the 488 Spider; however, the performance of the Huracan Spyder still meets our need for speed.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Lamborghini Urus VS Ferrari Purosangue

Yet again, we see the rivalry between these renowned luxury car manufactures in the journey to create the crowds favourite 4×4. With the Lamborghini Urus coming out in 2017, Ferrari has been working hard to design and engineer a fast, more luxurious 4×4 than their biggest competitor. Announcing their first 4×4 earlier this year, the Ferrari Purosangue has proven a worthy contender to go up against the beloved Urus. Unfortunately, the Purosangue is not currently available for the public to drive, but the design that we can see tells us that this is going to be yet another exceptional luxury vehicle. The Purosangue follows the same iconic design as most Ferrari vehicles; however, there are a few small details that make it stand out. For example, the headlights replicate a C structure, and the handles are hidden within the door. Although we can see the beauty within this car, for car enthusiasts, you will have to eagerly await to see how fast and furious this masterpiece will be.

While you wait until 2022 for the Ferrari Purosangue, the Lamborghini Urus is an example of what Ferrari aims to beat. The Urus is fully specced out, allowing for only the best driving experience. Alongside the luxurious interior of the Urus is the outstanding speed that it can achieve. With its powerful 4.0-litre bi-turbo V8 engine can go from 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds, which is rather impressive for a 4×4 vehicle. The design of the Urus doesn’t quite look like your typical Lamborghini, but we love their new direction. The sleek curves at the back of the 4×4 and the almost slash like headlights make the Urus look beautifully futuristic. If the Lamborghini Urus is taking your fancy, then why not try it out with Royal Rentals prestige car hire in London.

Lamborghini Urus

Which One Will You Choose?

Although we don’t like rivalry, we are excited by the prospect that Lamborghini and Ferrari are continuously attempting to outdo each other. The outstanding performance that both the Lamborghini and the Ferrari have to offer will have you contemplating for hours about which one you’re going to choose for your next corporate car hire in London. Why not give both car brands a try and decide which one is your favourite.