The high-end SUV market continues to grow as premium car manufacturers are upping their game, satisfying every lifestyle out there. Classy SUV’s to the 4×4’s that are built for any terrain, over 60 different SUV’s are out there with 20 luxury car manufacturers. Don’t forget, if you want to drive some of the most prestigious cars on the market, we offer Luxury Car Hire in London and surrounding areas for your convenience. So, without further delay, here are some of the best luxury SUV’s in the world!

Finding the best luxury SUV in the world, for you

Finding the right luxury SUV is not always a walk in the park. The ever rapidly growing market has so much to offer, with some brands being more expensive or reliable than others. The technology inside each vehicle also varies, with some brands being very advanced while others may be 2 or 3 generations behind. To help you find the perfect SUV that fulfils all of your needs, we have created this list to narrow down the possibilities.

BMW – X1

Being the least expensive car on the list, it does offer the value as a premium SUV. The X1 is smaller than the X3 but still has enough space for a family. It has had a new look and feel, with a beautiful interior. It’s ready for anything!

Pros: Swift Acceleration, Secure Brakes, Spacious Interior and a High-Quality feel throughout.
Cons: Uncomfortable seats, Noisy Cabin, Add-ons get very expensive, very fast.

Credits to Motor1.

This BMW X1 could be yours, starting at £27,720
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Jaguar – F-Pace

This sporty number is one of the cheaper options on the market, a brilliant mid-sized luxury SUV, brings you an experience not to forget. This British manufacturer offers this vehicle in small to large, basic to complex and fuel to electric. One of the best-valued cars out there!

Pros: Lots of features, Supercharged V6 Engine, Comfortable Seats, Can Tow, Off-roading Capabilities.
Cons: Cheap-Looking, Stiff Suspension, Noisy Cabin.

Credits to CAR Magazine.

The basic version of the F-Pace Starts from £36,820.

Land Rover – Range Rover Velar

While winning multiple awards for looking elegant and classy, it is robust and a fabulous all-round car! This car was a bold step into the future for Jaguar Land Rover, and this car does not disappoint. The large luxury SUV has a modern interior, with three large high-resolution screens to control almost all functions, while looking classy on the exterior.

Pros: 4-Wheel Drive, Good Handling, Comfortable Seats, Sunroof, Generous Cargo room.
Cons: Not the most reliable brakes, Apple CarPlay not available.

Velar Credits to Adaptive Vehicle Solutions Ltd.

The most basic Velar starts from £45,260
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Porsche – Macan

Meeting its second generation, it has become the best selling Porsche recently. The Macan is a midsize luxury SUV while being the most expensive one in the market. It gives the exact performance you would expect from a Porsche, with the comfort and luxury of any luxury SUV. One of the most aerodynamic designs out there, it looks Fabulous!

Pros: Rapid Acceleration, A fun off-roader, Comfortable interior, smooth and quiet journeys.
Cons: Limited Cargo Space, Limited Visibility.

Credits to J and F Group.

Buy the Porsche Macan from £46,913

Porsche – Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a real trendsetter, shining a light for other car manufacturers to follow. First built in 2002, it became an overnight success, and the rest is history. The third generation has begun, taking a large market share of the luxury SUV market. The new Hybrid engine has been a real hit and a pleasure to drive, adding more performance with an electrical boost.

Pros: Many Customisable Options, Lots of Cabin Space, Excellent Handling, Available as a Hybrid.
Cons: Lacks Cargo Space, Stiff Steering.

Credits to TopGear.

The Cayenne starting price is £57,195
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Audi – e-tron

Meet the first fully-electric SUV from Audi, what an absolute number one! The most-advanced Audi yet! A full-electric engine in the most premium SUV body. Providing excitement, comfort and space, making this their fastest all-wheel drive. Forget the Q8, Hello e-tron.

Pros: High-Tech Interior, Very Refined.
Cons: Expensive compared to Competition, No range of battery size.

Credits to Wired.

The original e-tron starts from £71,560
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Mercedes-Benz – GLS

The new, fresh Mercedes-Benz GLS is the crown jewel of the luxury SUV range from the German manufacturer. It is currently up to the third generation version of this cracking car. It is extra-large, a seven-seater, displaying the most advanced technology ever! It allows you to transport your family in the most luxurious way possible, with complete comfort. It is the best premium SUV in today’s market.

Pros: Spacious Interior Design, Lots of Saftey Features, Contemporary Design, 4-Wheel Drive, Extremely Comfortable, Lots of Cargo Space.
Cons: Lacks Fuel Efficiency.

Credits to Motoring Research.

Price starts for the GLS from £73,540
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Tesla – Model X

Deserving it’s spot on the list, here it is! The most environmentally-friendly SUV on the market. It’s greener technology is mind-blowing. The luxury and comfort in this car are incredible. A full-electric engine that drives you into the future. There are breathtaking levels of performance from the Tesla Model X. Having room for 7, this is a futuristic family car. It’s also the safest SUV, with technology that can save you from anything.

Pros: Can seat 7, Falcon Wings so that you can get out in tight Parking Spaces, Very High-Tech, Very Streamline.
Cons: Very Expensive, Not much Cargo Space.

Credits to YouCar Youtube.

Get your own Tesla Model X from £85,700

Land Rover – Range Rover Sport SVR

The most dynamic Range Rover yet. It combines incredible performance with an unforgettable soundtrack. Luxury and excellent performance are put together to create a thrill-seekers car. The sleek design makes driving a pleasure, not a chore. The unique interior and sporty seats, make it feel like a real race car, despite the size, it is fast! Key components utilise the cars full potential to be a brilliant SUV!

Pros: Very Comfortable, Powerful Off-Road, No road-noise, Advanced Safety Technology, Very Good at Towing.
Cons: Very Sporty Handling, Too Many Choices.

Credits to Luxury Things.

Start creating your unique Range Rover Sport SVR from £101,810
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Bentley – Bentayga

Created for those who crave the adventure. The Bentayga is everything you would expect of an SUV from Bentley. The most luxurious, hand-built vehicle to date! Technology, speed and power combine to create an incredible driving experience. One of the poshest ways to travel. This car deserves to be on your test-drive list, What an Experience!

Pros: 4-Wheel Drive, Powerful Engine, Very Responsive, Panoramic Sunroof, Leather Interior, Strong Brakes.
Cons: No Apple CarPlay, Expensive.

Credits to Car Sales

The Bentayga starts from £130,500
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Lamborghini – Urus

An SUV with the soul of a super sports car, the worlds first Super SUV. The design and performance make this car unique. The Urus’ interior, luxurious Italian craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology, putting the drivers needs first. The urus’ cutting edge, streamlined design means it cannot be missed. Sporty, elegant and off-road, this car does it all!

Pros: Dynamic Styling, Unbeatable Performance, Luxurious Interior, Off-Road Capabilities.
Cons: Too Expensive.

Credits to CarBuzz.

The amazing Urus retails from £159,925
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Rolls-Royce – Cullinan

Meet the ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The most expensive spot on the list is taken up by this large, full-sized luxury SUV. The first 4×4 produced by Rolls-Royce. The luxury and comfort from the highest quality materials surrounding you.

Pros: Supreme Luxury, Practical Interior and Cargo Space, Good Performance on and off-road.
Cons: Enormous Running Costs, Expensive Options, Huge SIze.

Credits to Motor1.

This Cullinan from Rolls-Royce is fairly expensive, getting the top spot in this list. The opening price is £264,000, and you could spend that again on all of the add-ons.
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Life is just one big bumpy road.

So we hope this has given you a better insight into the world of Luxury SUV’s. This should give you a better idea about the right SUV for you; whether it be a Rolls-Royce or a BMW, the right car for you is out there!