Your prom night is an occasion you are guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life, so you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. In order to do this, you need to make some preparations in advance and plan out your night as much as you can. Luckily for you, we have created the ultimate prom checklist so you can be assured that no stone is left unturned and your night is a success.

Your ultimate prom checklist

A prom is one of the most highly anticipated events of the school year as it is your chance to celebrate all the hard work you have put in during exam season. Your prom may even be the last time you see some of your school friends, so you want to make a lasting impression and create lots of memories. Proms are all about glamour and luxury, so why not start your evening off with an impressive entrance in a supercar. With our supercar hire in London you can choose from a variety of the most prestigious cars on the market – you could even go the extra mile by picking a car that matches your outfit!

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The dress code for most proms in the UK requires you to wear formal attire, which means it’s time to switch up your style from ripped jeans and trainers to an elegant dress and heels. It is likely your prom is the first time you have ever worn a fancy ball gown, so knowing how to pick the right one for you is essential. To help narrow down your search when shopping for your dress, you need to consider three things: neckline, colour and length.

When deciding what neckline is most suited to you, you should use your face shape as a guide. For example, if you have an oval face shape, v-necks, empire or Queen Anne necklines work best. On the other hand, if you have a slightly more square face shape, scoop necklines are your best option. In terms of colour, the choice is completely up to you; however, there are certain colours which are guaranteed to complement your skin tone better than others. To find out what colour clothing works well for you, and what colours to avoid, read this useful article published by InStyle. Once you have established the most suitable dress styles and colours for yourself, you need to determine what length you want. Traditionally, prom dresses are floor-length, but we suggest picking a length that you are most comfortable with. Wearing clothing which is out of your comfort zone can make you feel very self-conscious, and you want to avoid this at all costs on your prom night so you can fully enjoy the evening.

If you are wearing a suit to prom, House of Fraser have a handy guide which explains how to measure yourself and choose the right fit, what types of suits you can buy and the various fabrics which suits are typically made of.

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Hair, makeup and nails

When it comes to prom night, you want to be photo-ready at every opportunity, which is why many people choose to have their hair styled, makeup professionally applied, and nails freshly painted. If you aren’t sure what hairstyle you want for the big night, you can either look online for inspiration, or consult with your hairdresser who will be able to recommend the best styles for you. It is vital that you book your all-important hair appointments weeks, or even months, in advance as hair salons become extremely busy during prom season.

For makeup, high-end brands such as MAC, Benefit and NARS offer application services which will cater for the look you want to achieve and give you a flawless finish for the night. Similar to your hair appointment, you will want to book your makeup appointment/trial well in advance as this will give you enough time to meet the makeup artist beforehand and ensure they know exactly what you want.

Although opting to have your makeup done by a high-end brand means you are guaranteed to have your makeup applied by qualified professionals, the service can be quite expensive and sometimes rushed if they are in exceptionally high demand. For a more bespoke, high-quality service, we suggest opting for a local, independent makeup artist such as Beauty/Brows by East. From brow waxing to full glam, you can feel confident that you will receive the ultimate makeover, leaving you with a glowing complexion all night long. Alternatively, if you are quite good at applying makeup yourself and want to save some money, you could use these handy tutorials from Superdrug which show you how to create subtle, yet nonetheless stunning, prom make up looks.

When it comes to your nails, if you are not painting them yourself, it goes without saying that you need to book in advance – but deciding what you want can be a very difficult decision. Whether you opt for a full set of acrylics with nail art, or a few coats of gel polish that match your outfit perfectly, it’s entirely your choice. For inspiration, take a look at this article posted by StayGlam which shows you 43 different prom nail styles that will be the perfect finishing touch for your glamorous look.

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Arriving in style is an absolute must for any prom. Whether you are turning up on your own, with a date or with your entire group of friends, there are transport options to accommodate. One of the most favoured choices of prom transportation is a limo. Typically holding up to 8 passengers, a limo is the perfect option if you are travelling with a large group and want to bring the party atmosphere with you. Offering the ultimate celebrity experience, you are guaranteed to turn heads as you step out of this luxurious vehicle and make a photo-worthy entrance.

For something a little different and to truly make you feel like a Disney princess for the evening, you should travel in a horse drawn carriage. Hand designed in California, the home town of Disneyland, this Cinderella carriage provides a real fairytale experience, so even if you are not crowned prom queen, you can still arrive at the ball looking like one.

Supercars have become an increasingly popular trend for prom transport as they are ultra-modern and exude opulence. If you decide to opt for our prom car hire in Surrey, you can enjoy being driven by one of our professional chauffeurs and listening to your own music on your way to the venue. From Range Rovers to Lamborghinis, we have a whole host of luxury vehicles to choose from which promise to make your prom night all the more unique.

An unforgettable night

We hope our checklist acts as the perfect prom time companion when getting yourself ready for the memorable night. Don’t forget, if you want to make a jaw-dropping arrival to any event, our car rental services such as luxury car hire in Cambridge can provide you with undeniably prestigious transport.