As complete luxury supercar enthusiasts, we couldn’t be more excited at the announcement of the new and improved Range Rover Sport SVR. The Range Rover is an instantly recognisable model, with its prestigious boxy appearance and plethora of innovative technology inside, it remains one of the most popular global vehicles. While the Range Rover Sport SVR has been circling the world of high-end models for nearly a year now, the hype most definitely has not shown any signs of dying down. So, we knew that we absolutely couldn’t turn down the opportunity to give the Royal Rentals lowdown to the Range Rover Sport SVR Blue.

The New and Improved Range Rover Sport SVR Blue

We couldn’t be lucky enough to have the Range Rover Sport SVR Blue available as part of our generous selection of luxury car hire in Leamington Spa and surrounding areas. It has quickly won the title of the most powerful model on Land Rover’s history, thanks to its perfect balance between daily driving ease and race track capabilities. It most definitely surpasses all performance and luxury demands.

The initial brainstorm of the Range Rover Sport SVR was built on the idea that the unique model would rival some of the biggest, fastest names in German SUV’s. From the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S to the BMW X5M, Land Rover would strive to exceed all previous expectations – did they achieve this? Well, let’s delve a little deeper into each component and find out more!

The Exterior

It’s only fair to begin our review with first impressions, and we can absolutely confirm that they do not disappoint. As a beastly 2,310kg SVR, the Range Rover Sport SVR most definitely looks the part. The alloy wheels, grills and carbon fibre bonnet have been maximised to form an appearance that we can only describe at utterly menacing. As a whole, the aesthetics have been given a well-needed modern twist with brand new-shape headlights and sleek bumpers.

As for the colour, you couldn’t get more eye-catching than velocity blue. One of the most sought-after traits of the range is their velocity ultra metallic finish, which features on the Range Rover Sport SVR. The SVO premium paint palette, designed explicitly for Land Rover, is promised to enhance not only the appearance of all models but also their individuality. Every vehicle is meticulously finished by hand to achieve an impeccable standard of detail. More information regarding this premium paint finish can be found on the Land Rover website.

Blue range rover sport exterior

Photo Credit: Car TV

The Interior

There is no better description of the interior of the Range Rover Sport SVR than a complete work of art, not to mention the quirky sporty character that we absolutely adore! As always, the inside features leather of the highest quality, with delicately handcrafted stitching paired with a sleek aluminium chrome finish. Drivers and passengers can enjoy the advanced Touch Pro Duo infotainment system featuring two 10 inch touchscreen dashboards. The second touchscreen, in particular, comes in super handy for managing climate control and switching between driving modes with ease.

As the driver, the Range Rover Sport SVR couldn’t be more comfortable and practical. The improved sporty, yet lightweight, seats include extra bolstering for support, along with smart heating and cooling functions to suit all weather conditions. Many have commented on the tall body of the seats which allow a full, commanding view of the road ahead. The interior alone is enough to make any driver feel super confident behind the wheel.

Range rover sport interior

Photo Credit: Wheelsage

The Drive

While the appearance and comfort of the vehicle are of utmost importance, for those who love nothing more than immersing themselves in the world of supercars, the most important topic is the drive itself. Many are surprised at the outstanding performance of the Range Rover Sport SVR, making it super fast and more than capable of rivalling a sportscar. Despite its substantial weight, the Sport SVR will have absolutely no hurdles when reaching a maximum speed of 162mph. Thanks to the powerful supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine, drivers can nail a 0-62 mph acceleration in as little as 4.5 seconds. We’ve just got to mention that not only is this the same engine as the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe but it is also way faster than the Porsche 911 Carrera 2.

Those who are new to high-speed supercars will have no problems adapting their driving style when taking on the Sport SVR. As mentioned previously, the interior of the model has been designed with comfort and support in mind. It features a firm suspension and heavy steering, making maintaining steady control a breeze. The Sport SVR couldn’t be better composed; it is proven to sit flat in corners regardless of the speed and hook in hard for ultimate precision. It can soak up any road surface with no blimps, even when venturing off-road making it ideal for any driver in any location.

Last, but most definitely not least, is the sound. Particularly when placed in Dynamic mode, the Range Rover Sport SVR gives off an obnoxiously loud noise. If you want to turn heads, make a statement and stand out from the crowd, then this vehicle is for you!

Range rover sport rear

Photo Credit: Auto Express

The Final Verdict Of The Range Rover Sport SVR Blue

The Range Rover Sport SVR Blue is most definitely one of the most unique, some may even say absurd, Land Rover model ever made. With a body oozing vibrancy, an engine sound loud enough to rival thunder and an interior brimming with technology, there’s so much to discover when getting behind the wheel of the Sport SVR. The only issue for many is getting their hands on the high-end, prestigious model.

As you can anticipate, the vehicle doesn’t come with an affordable price tag. With the carbon exterior alone costing just over £4,000, along with a £3,000 velocity ultra metallic finish, its no surprise that the grand total comes to an astonishing £99,620. But great news, you can still get on the roads with the Range Rover Sport SVR Blue using our highly reputable luxury car hire in Cambridge and surrounding areas. With over ten years of experience specialising in luxury car rental, we aim to provide all clients with the best possible price for their rental duration. We’ll even drop off and pick up the vehicle free of charge!