As a self-confessed nation of petrol heads, we adore nothing more than the recognisable roar of an engine and simply stunning vision of the contours of sleek bodywork. Supercars are a statement of luxury, equipped with the most innovative of state of the art technology and futuristic designs, guaranteed to catch the eye of passersby. Each year we are lucky enough to be introduced to new models that trump any level of performance and appearance we come to familiarise ourselves with. As far as the current year goes, the latest supercars of 2019 are most definitely the new kids to the block, capable of introducing the world to a never-been-seen-before approach to modern aesthetics, beastly engines and advanced technology.

The Top 4 Supercars Of 2019

When it comes to supercars, gone are the days where enthusiasts would lie their sole focus on the engine ability. Nowadays, there must be the perfect balance between an exceptionally high-performance capability with an appearance to die for. Unfortunately, to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled ride in one of the world’s most sought-after supercars, you must be prepared for a hefty price tag. The outlandish design and manufacturings of the most prestigious of names in the motoring world take meticulous planning, making the expensive investment just that little more justifiable.

Having spent years providing clients with supercar hire in London, we are always on the eye out for new models that demonstrate the very best in engineering ability, so have shortlisted our top four supercars of the year so far.

1. McLaren 720S

Imagine the McLaren 650S and 12C, but bigger, faster and exceptionally more powerful – this is just a snippet of what to expect when taking a spine-tingling ride in the sleek McLaren 720S.

The McLaren 720S boasts a brand new body design made using superformed aluminium with entirely concealed vents and ducts for a smooth contemporary appearance. It is thought that the most noticeable update is in the suspension. Thanks to the improved control system, the cross-linked hydraulic set-up adds an additional engine control unit which eliminates the feeling of any bumps on the road. In terms of speed, drivers can reap the benefits of the advanced bi-turbo V8 engine which exceeds the regular 4 litres, reaching 720PS. The 720S is more than capable of accelerating stationary to 62mph in just 2.8 seconds, reaching a top speed of 212 mph.

McLaren 720S

2. Ferrari 488 GTB

The turbocharged 488 GTB is most definitely a cut above any other Ferrari model we have grown to adore in the past. The new and improved Ferrari 488 GTB was created to replace the much-loved Italia, incorporating an enhanced interior with an exterior that reaches new heights. The interior can be entirely customised to the driver with the choice to be as virtual as you wish through high-definition screens and stylish trims.

Auto Express has branded the model ‘utterly sensational to drive’ – and we can totally see why! As a seven gear, turbo-assisted mid-engined car, the 488 GTB is the first model that successfully intertwines the mentioned features since the iconic F40. With a monstrous 3.9-litre bi-turbo V8, the vehicle is more than capable of reaching full throttle in as little as 0.8 seconds. Not to mention the fact that the speed-generated downforce has seen a massive 50% increase!

The only slight criticism that the Ferrari 488 GTB has seen is the fact that many drivers are somewhat surprised at the noise. Compared to the memorable 458, the acceleration is considerably more controlled with many similarities to a modern formula one car. The starting price of the F488 GTB is £195,363, which may be slightly out of many driver’s comfort zone. However, Royal Rentals are thrilled to announce that we now have the exceptional Ferrari 488 GTB available for clients through our luxury car hire in London!

Ferrari 488 GTB

Photo Credit: Exotics Racing

3. Ford GT

With an enormous price tag of £450,000, the Ford GT is most definitely the most prestigious of this year’s supercars. Dating back more than five decades, the original GT40 was manufactured to rival the big boys of Ferrari, and we must say, it has been a successful venture so far! Unlike many of the supercars mentioned, the Ford GT has, in fact, been on the market for around a year yet only recently came to light after being featured in Top Gear.

One of the most prominent features of the Ford GT is the renowned Track Mode which allows the vehicle to drop immediately to 50mm, capable of holding a dry weight of 1,385kg. During track mode, the wheels disappear inside the arches creating condensed, focused energy. Many are dubious assuming that there will be a lack of clearance, however; instead, drivers have commented on the enhanced mid-corner balance and flat cornering grip.

The Ford GT has most definitely been manufactured to target those who have a passion for the drive, as opposed to flashy aesthetics to pose in. While the exterior maintains the traditional ‘supercar’ feel, unfortunately, the interior is somewhat bare – imagine the Ford Fiesta, but with a supercar shell. There are no carpets, a lack of storage compartments, basic heating controls and a soft chair with shallow thigh bolsters.

Ford GT

Photo Credit: Auto Car

4. Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Since the initial announcement of the prospective Lamborghini Huracan Performante, there have been incredibly high expectations for the prestigious vehicle’s capabilities. The model was designed and manufactured with the aim of replacing the sought-after Gallardo, the most successful Lamborghini model for more than ten years – a mountainous task to tackle.

The overall aesthetics and performance of the Huracan are not far removed from the original-style supercar, meaning that, as an enthusiast, drivers will immediately feel familiarised with the components. The well known 5.2-litre V10 remains, however, has been heavily reworked with the addition of a seven speed dual-clutch gearbox and an all-new chassis. As a whole, the Huracan is relatively easy to get to grips with and proves to be a surprisingly quiet ride making it extremely comfortable and pleasant for both the driver and passenger. The inside is incredibly Lambo-like with a dramatic interior cabin that combines jet-inspired functionality with luxurious quality. There is now even the smart addition of sensors and cameras to assist manoeuvring, which tackles the past dispute regarding the lack of visibility when operating a Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Photo Credit:

A Supercar Enthusiasts Paradise!

With a plethora of high-end manufacturers now creating their own version of the famous supercar, those with a passion for all things ‘fast and furious’ can enjoy the unique capabilities of models. Each year, the aesthetics become sleeker, the colours ooze vibrancy and the speed reaches new heights. Our expectations for the remainder of 2019 remain limitless, and we cannot wait to see what is yet to come in the world of prestigious supercars!