As far as SUVs go, you’d be hard pushed to find one in the same class as the White Bentley Bentayga. According to Bentley, the Bentayga “is unlike any other sport utility vehicle in the world” – a bold claim, considering the company have never before dabbled in the SUV market. Having offered prestige car hire in London for many years now, Royal Rental are lucky enough to have cars such as the Bentley Bentayga at our fingertips. We have taken the time to dissect the the car itself, from the exterior to performance, in order to give our readers and clients an honest overview of this premium vehicle.

Introducing The White Bentley Bentayga

Given the expensive price tag this particular car comes with, any prospective owner would be forgiven for doing some research and checking out available reviews before taking the plunge. Using the architectural power of Volkswagon’s MLB platform, and created by a manufacturer synonymous with luxury, you’d expect it to be to a certain standard. The team at Royal Rental have delved a little deeper, however, so buckle up and get ready for our speedy review of the white Bentley Bentayga.

The Exterior

There’s no doubt about it, the Bentayga is a devastatingly attractive vehicle at first glance. If you want to travel around in pure opulence, this is the car for you. You’ll never be short of attention if you choose to drive the Bentayga; as the raised height, recognisable mesh grill and chrome number plate surround are all sure to captivate fellow road users. Along with this comes many other ostentatious features, including large circular headlights and squared off wheel arches, making the attention to detail on this vehicle second to none.

As we’re specifically looking at a white model, it’s also a much sought-after colour according to carwow, meaning that its value is guaranteed to stay higher than the same car in other shades.

bentley car interior
Image Credit: Bentley

The Interior

So, it looks great from the outside, that’s a given, but does the interior match up? Upon entering the vehicle, we’re immediately faced with an extremely high level of craftsmanship, corresponding perfectly with the extravagance Bentley is so well known for. Seats that are complete with a leather trim finished effortlessly with diamond quilting, provide the plushest of places to settle down before starting up the engine.

The Mulliner driving spec includes sports pedals and embroidered Bentley emblems; a sight that fills any petrolhead with pure joy. Modern fittings, such as the large infotainment system, sat-nav, WiFi and panoramic roof definitely placated the tech enthusiasts amongst us and went a long way in bringing some of the more old-school details into the 21st century. The large boot space and optional picnic set add on, makes this a truly adaptable car – perfect for families as well as those wanting to travel in comfort with more room.

Other notable interior features include a chrome trimmed gear lever, Bentley embossed treadplates, a choice of veneer and an audio system complete with 10 speakers; making this car chock-full of luxurious features as standard. Payable extras include brakes with red painted callipers, a bright chromed matrix style grille, electronically retracting tow bar and carbon fibre fascia panels; if the standard features aren’t quite luxurious enough for you! For more information on the array of add on features you could opt for, take a look at the Bentayga page on the Bentley Website.

All of this was great but didn’t tally with smaller details such as the cupholders, for instance. Made from flimsy looking plastic, they definitely didn’t do the interior any favours! Having said that, we’d be hard pushed to find fault anywhere else on the inside of the Bentayga. Put it this way, plastic cupholders would not be a dealbreaker if it came down to it.

White bentley Bentayga
Image Credit: Auto Express

The Drive

The Bentayga, much like any other Bentley, isn’t the smallest of vehicles; particularly in this SUV form, but that doesn’t mean it felt as such. Once behind the wheel, the lightness and composure of the drive made us feel as though we were in much smaller vehicle. This, paired with the speed at which this beast can reach, created one of the most agile accelerations we’ve ever experienced. Which is hardly surprising given the twin-turbo 6.0-litre W12!

With the maximum torque available at just 1,350rpm, the performance is simply amazing. Achieving 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds makes for an eye-watering start, while the low rumble of the engine makes the power of this vehicle evermore apparent. Top speeds notch up to an impressive 187mph, making this the perfect vehicle for those with a need for speed!

The Commitment

Chances are, the running costs probably won’t bother you too much, if you’re considering shelling out for a car of this calibre. However, for those who are interested, the Bentayga does fall into the highest car tax bracket, due to the engine size and associated emissions. It also falls into the top group 50 insurance category, due to its hefty price tag. As with any car placed in the luxury market, you should expect to take a hit when it comes to vehicle value depreciation. This will, of course, vary, depending on whether you choose to fork out on expensive customisations and finishes, as those with a standard model will have seen a smaller initial outlay.

The Royal Rental Verdict

“Bentley boasts ‘The Bentayga ‘establishes a new class of car”. Bentley is correct.”

This is the verdict according to Top Gear, and we’d be inclined to agree with them. Having studied the vehicle from top to toe, taken it out for a test drive and considered the owner’s commitment, the huge amount of positives definitely outweigh the minimal (and by minimal, we mean insignificant) negatives.

We’re lucky enough to be in possession of this amazing Bentley and can make it available for you should you be looking for luxury car hire in London for a special occasion. Get in touch today, and you’ll be one step closer to seeing this beauty in the flesh!