With a plethora of elegant, luxurious vehicles available to hire, arriving at your big day in style is absolutely guaranteed. Whether you have a passion for fast and furious sports cars or adore the idea of a traditional, vintage set of wheels, the array of ideas can be somewhat overwhelming – you really are spoilt for choice!

While being faced with a spectacular selection of wedding cars is fantastic, it can make your decision rather tricky and most definitely time-consuming. With this in mind, we have shortlisted a guide to our top 10 wedding cars, ideal for a celebration in the sunshine, to give you that little extra inspiration!

Our Guide To The Top 10 Wedding Cars

When researching and beginning to narrow down your favourite choices in wedding cars, it’s imperative to keep in mind that the vehicle must be not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. If you only have a short journey to your venue, then you have considerably more freedom in terms of vehicle choice. Those who must travel more than an hour to their ceremony or reception should opt for a vehicle that will be comfortable to sit in for a long period of time. When your nerves are beginning to build with the thought of walking down the aisle, the last thing you want is to sit through an unpleasant, uncomfortable journey.

Along with comfort is also the importance of hiring a vehicle that perfectly complements your theme. Although, of course, your final choice should be what you love the most, there are many different cars that may not entirely fit your theme. For example, a traditional-style wedding would be best suited to a Rolls Royce, whereas a more modern, contemporary wedding would be able to get away with a vibrant Lamborghini or Ferrari.

So, now that you have the most important contributing factors in mind, it’s time to begin your quest to find the perfect wedding car. Here are our top ten!

1. Rolls Royce Dawn

With unrivalled beauty and an instantly recognisable appearance, the Rolls Royce Dawn remains one of the most popular choices in wedding transport. Rolls Royce is known for never creating half-hearted designs; the interior is always guaranteed to be just as stunning as the sleek exterior. While the go-to Rolls Royce model is often the Phantom, the Dawn is perfectly fitting to a Summer wedding thanks to its convertible roof and roomy four passenger seats. The Dawn allows you to enjoy the rare British sunshine, breath in the fresh air and most definitely turn up to your big day in style, roof down and hair blowing in the wind.

Not only is the Rolls Royce Dawn a keen choice for arriving at your ceremony, but also departing your reception after an evening of good food, great dancing and even better company. Make the most of the convertible roof and wave goodbye to your guests like royalty!

Royal Rentals are proud to offer our clients chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Dawn hire for their special day. With a free delivery and collection service, along with years of experience providing wedding car hire in Luton, we aim to make your big day just that little extra elegant!

Rolls Royce

2. Volkswagen Campervan

Calling all couples with a passion for all things retro, this one is for you! If you cannot think of anything better than spending your Summers at your favourite music festivals or dream of exploring the Gold Coast living the beachside lifestyle, then we couldn’t think of anything better than the Volkswagen Campervan!

Due to their vibrant array of colours and quirky personality, the Volkswagen Campervan is instantly recognisable and guaranteed to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Opting for a Volkswagen Campervan is perfect if you’re hoping to transport the bridal party or all groomsmen to the venue together in one vehicle as it is the biggest of our wedding car ideas. Distinctive features of the Volkswagen Campervan include large swing-open doors, high seats and an upright cabin meaning there is plenty of space for even the most extravagant of princess-style wedding dresses!


3. American Cadillac

Incorporate a subtle touch of 1950s Hollywood to your special day through American Cadillac hire! Known to be the number one choice in vehicles for the biggest names in the renowned Rock ‘n’ Roll era including the likes of Elvis Presley, the Cadillac is perfect for a vintage themed wedding.

It is your choice whether you opt for a dusty pink, Grease-style Cadillac or a sleek black model taken straight from The Godfather movie; your final decision should be mainly dependant on the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. It is essential to keep in mind that when opting for a vintage vehicle, it may prove trickier to track down a hire company available for your wedding date. Models are limited and are no longer manufactured, which means it is imperative to begin your search in advance to ensure that you aren’t let down due to lack of availability.

American Wedding Cars have a wide selection of vintage vehicles available for hire, so we suggest beginning with taking a browse through their website!


4. Lamborghini Aventador

Release your inner Dominic Toretto and arrive at your wedding ‘Fast and Furious’ style with the timeless Lamborghini Aventador. The Lamborghini Aventador is absolutely guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd; your guests will be able to hear the roar of the engine miles before you arrive in style.

Named after a well-known Spanish fighting bull, Aventador intertwines with the tradition of a Lamborghini. The leading sports car manufacturer, as always, has carefully constructed a design that is not only recognisable from a distance but is also available in a rainbow of colours. When opting for the Lamborghini Aventador, both you and your partner are guaranteed an adrenaline-fueled ride due to its ability to reach a maximum speed of more than 200mph – you most definitely want to consider a chauffeur for this journey!

Lamborghini Aventador

5. Bentley GTC

As the fastest production car in the world, the Bentley GTC is ideal for those hoping to reach high speeds without compromising on a vehicle that completely oozes elegance and class. Due to its convertible capabilities, similar to the Rolls Royce Dawn, the Bentley GTC makes the perfect Summer wedding car.

Bentley is known for its prestigious reputation and luxurious aesthetics; we can safely say that the GTC does not disappoint. With a sleek leather interior and metres of polished veneers over the dashboard, you most definitely do not compromise style when opting to let the roof down and feel the wind through your hair. Available in black and white, the Bentley GTC would look stunning against an English Country House venue backdrop.

If you’re interested in opting for a Bentley GTC for your wedding car hire in London, then please feel free to contact Royal Rentals!


6. Imperial Viscount Landaulette

Vintage vehicles such as the Imperial Viscount Landaulette boast complete sophistication and grace; ideal for complementing a stunning traditional ‘white wedding’. The Viscount is the latest model of the top-rated Imperial wedding car, meaning you will be given the opportunity to enjoy a wealth of modern benefits while still maintaining the breathtaking classic 1930’s exterior.

As a seven-seater vehicle, all members of the gorgeous bridal party or handsome groomsmen will be able to travel in the Imperial Viscount Landaulette with ease. The Imperial Viscount Landaulette is most recognisable when stunningly decorated with white ribbon, rose garlands and vintage bunting, so don’t forget to customise your wedding car to make the trip just that little more special. Wedding Wire has put together a fantastic guide to gorgeous wedding car decoration ideas. But, if you’re hoping to add a personal touch, head over to All Tied Up for personalised ribbons printed with the name of the special couple!

Imperial Viscount Landaulette

7. Jaguar XF

With the main headquarters based in Coventry, the Jaguar XF glorifies the definition of ‘Best of British’ vehicles. If you are less intrigued by a vibrant, high-speed sports car or vintage treasure, and would simply prefer a straightforward, yet elegant wedding car, the Jaguar XF would be the ideal solution.

The 5-seater Jaguar XF features a seamless cream leather interior with plenty of room to sit comfortably during your nerve-wracking journey to your venue. Equipped with air conditioning and multiple air vents, you will be able to remain cool, calm and collected even on the warmest of Summer weddings.

Jaguar Logo

8. Aston Martin V12

As the undeniably world famous vehicle make of choice for Mr James Bond himself, the Aston Martin has remained one of the most popular options in wedding cars for as long as we can remember. While you, unfortunately, may not be able to get your hands on the most recent Aston Martin DB10 developed bespoke for the latest Spectre film, we can guarantee that you will not be short for alternatives.

The V12, in particular, achieves the perfect balance of a ‘Bond-style’ charm and the elegance required to arrive at your big day with class. As the most common model of V12 has just two passenger seats, it is best suited as transport for the bride and father of the bride or the groom and best man. Built into the Aston Martin V12 is a state of the art entertainment system meaning that you can enjoy your favourite songs during your journey.

Aston Martin

9. Austin Princess Limousine

Looking for a vehicle that features the vintage sophistication of the Imperial Viscount Landaulette, however, has just a little extra room? You’re in luck; the Austin Princess Limousine is for you. With plenty of space for up to seven passengers, this timeless classic makes the ideal option for those opting for a larger bridal party.

The interior of the Austin Princess Limousine couldn’t be more comfortable. Fitted with comfortable sofa-style seats, cushions and often a faux fur flooring, you can ride in both comfort and style when hiring the Austin Princess Limousine. There are a plethora of classy colours available including white, black and silver; all of which, similarly to the Viscount can be beautifully decorated to complement your theme.

Austin Princess Limousine

Photo credit to Allerston Taylor & Regency Carriages.

10. Chrysler Krystal 300 Stretch Limousine

You cannot go wrong with a limousine, especially when you have a team of guests to transport from A to B who are ready to party from the get-go. The Chrysler Krystal 300 Stretch Limousine is capable of fitting up to eight passengers and is fully equipped with 2 TVs, along with a bar area. Not only does this mean that you can begin celebrating early, but will look glamorous and chic while doing so!

When opting for a limousine, it is more than likely that your rental company of choice will provide the option for a uniformed chauffeur to drive you to your venue meaning you can enjoy the ultimate celebrity treatment!

Stretch Limousine

Photo credit to Starlite UK.

Arrive To Your Summer Wedding In Style!

Our selection of wedding car ideas has been carefully chosen to ensure that there is a vehicle to suit everyone. Whether you’re planning a traditional or modern theme, need a small or large car, or would like a vibrant or neutral colour scheme, you are guaranteed to find inspiration to perfectly fit your requirements.

We hope that you have loved our shortlist to the best Summer wedding cars, if so, why not share with your loved ones on social media?