If you’re not lucky enough to boast a supercar of your very own, which if we’re honest is most of us, don’t worry! There are plenty of companies out there who will allow you to get behind the wheel of your favourite car, so just for a day, you can live like a superstar.

This means that for all of you thrill-seekers out there, driving a supercar is well within your reach. We’ve researched the best supercar experience days available, so you can choose your favourite elite vehicle and drive on some of the best tracks in the country.

Best Supercar Experience Days

The car of your dreams is closer than you think, ready and waiting in a premium circuit pit lane not far from you. For any supercar fan, the adrenaline rush of taking charge of some of the most expensive cars in the industry is one of the best feelings in the world. If your need for speed is undeniable, you’re in the right place. Take your pick from the leading supercar experiences below, and you’ll be one step closer to an exhilaratingly fast adventure.

silverstone racing track


If we’re talking about supercars, it would be rude not to start with one of the most famous circuits in the world. A driving experience at Silverstone not only offers the chance to drive a supercar but the ability to drive on the UK’s only Formula 1® track; the ultimate present for any petrol head out there. As the home of the British Grand Prix, you’ll have a huge range of the most expensive cars in the world at your disposal. Ranging in price and cars on offer, you’re sure to find something to suit you or your group. Here are some of the fantastic experiences they have to offer:

  • Ferrari Thrill, £99 – Thrill is an understatement when it comes to this supercar driving experience. Lasting 50-80 minutes, you’ll do three laps of Silverstone’s circuit in a 400 BHP V8 F430 Coupe.
  • Formula Silverstone Single Seater Experience, £179 – A must for any true Formula 1 fan. Go 0-60mph in under five seconds in this aerodynamic racing car, imagining the cheers from the crowds as you navigate the track over a period of 1 hr 30 minutes.
  • Bespoke Driving Packages, from £299 – For those wanting something exceptionally unique, opt for a completely customised driving experience. Everything from timings, group size and budget can be tailored to you, in order to provide you with a supercar driving experience like no other.

Track Days

Offering the chance to drive in a whole host of premium vehicles, such as a Lamborghini, Porsche and McLaren, Track Days are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-speed drive. With the ability to book experiences for adults and juniors, they are able to customise a package to suit your requirements. Feel the rubber burn on a variety of race tracks, from Dunsfold Park and Brands Hatch to Donington Park and Oulton Park. With over 300 packages to choose from, it’ll be hard to decide which one to go for! Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Junior Racecar Blast, from £19 – Children as young as ten can make the most of this amazing experience! They’ll be the envy of all of their friends after spending time behind the wheel of a Porsche Boxter.
  • Five Supercar Driving Blast, from £129 – Can’t make your mind up? You don’t have to with this option! With the ability to choose from a range of supercars including a Lamborghini, Aston Martin and BMW, you’ll be in your element as you test out your five selected vehicles. Take each one around your chosen circuit for 3 miles before experiencing a high-speed passenger ride in a high-performance car.
  • Supercar Supreme, £895 – For the ultimate supercar experience and one that you’ll never forget, push the boat out and treat yourself to this amazing 5-hour adventure. You’ll get the chance to drive 10 of the best cars in the industry, including an Aston Martin DBS, Lamborghini Aventador and Ariel Atom.

camaro car close up

Red Letter Days

Known as one of the UK’s best ‘experience’ providers, Red Letter Days continue to offer some of the most extensive driving packages for all the family. With the choice of car quantity and miles driven, you’ll be able to tailor an experience around your specific requirements, with each one ending in a high-speed passenger ride to feel the full force of a supercar in action. Here are some of the different options on offer:

  • Supercar Driving Blast, from £49 – Get ready for your knuckles to turn white as you begin your 2-hour driving experience. Behind the expensive wheel of your choice of supercar, from a Mustang GT 500 Eleanor to a Chevrolet Camaro SS, you’ll reach the highest speeds of your life.
  • Triple Thrill, from £119 – Another great one for those with more than one favourite supercar. Choose three vehicles to drive for 6 miles each and push them to their absolute limits! A huge range of cars are available depending on your location, offering you 6 hours of heart-stopping supercar speeds.
  • Six Supercar Thrill, £209 – Take your pick of 6 of the most expensive premium vehicles in the world and spend four high-speed hours driving them lap after lap. From sleek Italian numbers to robust American classics, the choice is yours!

Virgin Experience Days

A name synonymous with luxury, Virgin will make your childhood dreams come true for the day, through their range of ultimate driving experiences. Junior car fanatics can get in on the action too, with their range of family-friendly choices.

  • Supercar Blast, £49 – Give yourself a cheeky weekday treat and choose from five supercars to blast around the circuit. From an Audi to Lamborghini and many in between, you’ll be provided with a truly unforgettable driving experience.
  • Double Platinum Supercar Blast, £139 – Sit in the plush interior of either a Ferrari 458, McLarens including the 570S, or Lamborghinis such as the LP570 Performante, and the choices don’t stop there! Two of these thrilling vehicles will be at your fingertips for six action-packed miles.
  • Combined Rally and Supercar Day at Everyman, £319 – Your personal ARDS qualified racing instructor will give you a full briefing and demonstration before allowing you to take the pedals of the best super and rally cars on the market. You’ll experience cars such as the Mitsubishi Evolution and Subaru WRX on a purpose-built tarmac stage before being given a driving certificate at the end of the day to remember your experience with.

ferrari on race track

Into The Blue

Experience the fastest of drives on cool, smooth tarmac tracks with Into The Blue. From a Jaguar to Subaru, take some of the most iconic of super and racing cars for a spin during one of their fantastically affordable driving experiences.

  • Multi-Car Choice Driving Days, from £30 – For something a little different, take your pick of a selection of supercar driving experiences. Offering some of the best supercars around, you’ll have the option to drive super trucks, the best cars Britain has to offer, as well as some of your favourite international elite vehicles.
  • TVR T350C Driving Experience, from £59 – Feel like Bond in this sleek TVR, with an uprated 4.0l straight six engine. Lasting for around 40 minutes, this blood-pumping ride includes a passenger driving experience in either an Evo X, Impreza STi or BMW M3.
  • McLaren GT3 Driving Experience, from £99 – The only place in the UK with this car! During this package, you’ll have the chance to drive this state-of-the-art GT3 for 14 laps. There will also be the opportunity to drive the McLaren for a further ten laps under 1:1 instruction, to get the most out of this fantastic supercar.

Supercar Drive Days

With silver, gold and platinum packages available, you’ll be able to tailor your driving experience to you and choose up to 5 cars to drive with Supercar Drive Days. Get yourself ready for the ultimate white knuckle rides in some of the most elite vehicles known to man. With photo opportunities available as well, you’ll have a lasting memory of the day to look back on.

  • Silver Three Car Drive Package, £109 – Choose between 3 or 6 miles and the choice of 7 supercars, including an Aston Martin and Lamborghini. With a large selection of circuits nationwide to pick from, you’ll be able to tailor the day exactly the way you’d like it.
  • Gold Four Car Drive Package, £159 – Take your pick of four amazing supercars; all the most recent models and highly specified. Whether it’s an Italian thoroughbred you’re after or a British Classic, the choice is yours!
  • Platinum Five Car Drive Package, £229 – The ultimate package for any petrol head! Go platinum for the use of premium circuits and a final hot lap with professional racing drivers to witness first hand what supercars can really do.

porsche on race track

Elite Supercar Experiences

If you haven’t already booked a date in, what are you waiting for? Your need for speed will be thoroughly quenched once you set your sights on one of these mouthwatering supercars. No matter what car you have your heart set on, you’re sure to find a driving experience that incorporates the latest model, as well as a whole host of extra cars that will leave everyone you know totally envious.

While supercar driving experiences are amazing, you may be left wanting more once the day is over. If this is the case, why not look into supercar hire and drive the car of your dreams under your own steam? You’ll find that all of the same high-end vehicles you’ve driven on the track will be available for your personal use. Whether you’d like one for an event or just to use in everyday life, we’ll drop off a fully valeted car of your choice and leave the driving to you!