Popular supercars are always a hot topic, with new manufacturers popping up across the world and various new models from some of the most popular supercar brands in the world, it’s hard to keep up.

What Are The Most Popular Supercars?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the most popular supercar in the world, everyone has their own favourite car and nowadays there are so many different makes and models, it would be impossible to pick just one. As a supercar hire company, we share the same passion and love for supercars as everyone across the world, and our collection allows us to give clients the opportunity to drive their dream vehicle at an affordable price. It’s a well-known fact that supercars do not come cheap, which is why supercar hire is so popular. You won’t be tied into anything and can have the experience of driving your favourite supercar.

As there are so many different supercars around the world, we have decided to list a few of the most popular models from every corner of the world. See if your favourite has made the list!

Lamborghini Huracan

This car has been featured in numerous films and music videos, making it one of the most recognisable vehicles known to date.  We are proud to have the Lamborghini Huracan amongst our fleet of cars and can confirm that it drives beautifully, almost definitely living up to expectations.

There are quite a few differences between the Lamborghini Huracan compared to closely related models. To start with, the spoiler has been changed entirely and now has a slotted double-decker ducktail. This is to improve the extraction of hot air and to massage the flow of exhaust gases coming from the car. It holds an incredible 5.2-litre V10 engine for ultimate power and is the first ever V10 Lamborghini to also have all-wheel steering. Not only this, it has been said that this car has a brand new “brain”, due to its innovative, highly complex new computer control system.

Being smaller than its sibling models, the Huracan is known as the baby Lamborghini. Fitted with a state of the art LED system, driving during the evening or through the night in this car is a breeze. Pair this with it’s beautifully geometric shape and perfect streamlined body, and you’re left with a supercar that provides the smoothest of drives, cutting through the air seamlessly.

black lamborghini huracan

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is another vehicle widely popular for music videos and films. It’s a rare supercar and will set you back $1.7 million. Like a lot of supercars, it was designed as well as developed in Germany and was created by the well-known vehicle brand Volkswagen. Manufactured in Molsheim, France, it was named after renowned racing car driver, Pierre Veyron.

Its very close relative, the Bugatti Veyron Supersport, is listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the fastest street-legal car produced in the entire world; with an insane top speed of 267mph, it was awarded Car Of The Decade by TopGear. Unfortunately the production of Bugatti Veyrons came to an end during 2014, but special edition models and self-designed models continued being produced and distributed until 2015.

Ford GT

The Ford GT is an American produced supercar manufactured by the eminent brand, Ford. Although production was initially limited to 2005-2006, it began once again during 2017.

The car was produced at Mayflower Vehicle systems based in Norwalk, Ohio, and its engine was built at Ford’s Romeo Engine Plant located in Michigan. Of course, like most supercar brands, these cars were made for limited production, and only 4,500 were created, with only 100 being sent over to Europe. However, after this, an additional 200 of these cars were planned for sale in Canada, but production was ended in 2006 without ever creating the planned amount of vehicles. Reaching a top speed of 205 mph, it could gather up enough speed to reach 60mph in 3.8 seconds, giving it a prime spot on our list.

ford GT

Image Credits Wikipedia

Gumpert Apollo

First proposed in 2000, Roland Gumpert discussed a new generation of supercar, meeting the legal requirements to drive on roads, but also geared up and ready for a racetrack. Roland proposed the car during his time working for Audi in China. They agreed to start production, based on terms that the supercar wouldn’t just be a prototype, but a series product.

2 prototype vehicles were manufactured and tested before the Apollo came into being during October 2005. Not long after the fully functioning model of the vehicle was shipped over to Europe, the car was classed as entirely road legal and began selling in Gumpert’s own dealerships. It received very positive feedback, automotive reviews and featured in an episode of TopGear. The presenters lapped the test track in a staggering time of 1 minute 2.17 seconds, setting a record; until it was later overthrown by the previously mentioned Bugatti Veyron Supersport.

Pagani Zonda

The Pagani Zonda originated in Italy and was built by its namesake manufacturer,  Pagani. It made its first appearance in 1999 with production recently ending in 2017, along with its sibling models. By 2018, 140 Zondas had been built, including test vehicles.

pagani zonda

Image Credits Wikipedia


Another incredible supercar with limited production numbers. Its project name was F150 and was built by the known supercar Italian supercar brand, Ferrari. The name La Ferrari translates as ‘The Ferrari’, meaning that this quite literally, is the definitive Ferrari.

In total, only 499 of this vehicle were produced, all costing over $1 million, with every car selling out before they were even available. Media outlets gave the world its first glimpse of this limited production during its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor show. Word subsequently spread like wildfire and the supercar went down in history as one of the most sought after vehicles in the world.

Porsche 918 Spyder

It’s well known that Germany is a prominent leader in the production of astonishingly fast supercars, and the Porsche 918 Spyder is no exception. Production began in September 2013, with availability planned for December 2013 at a starting price of £511,000. This model of car had sold out by December 2014 with production ending shortly after in 2015.

Its first reveal as a concept was at the 80th Geneva Motorshow in March 2010. After 2,000 declarations of interest were made, the supervisory board made the decision to approve series development of the Porsche 918 Spyder. After this, the first production version was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013 with only 918 versions of the vehicle being made.

porsche spyder 918

Image Credits Wikipedia

Noble M600

One of the first British cars to make it onto our most popular supercar list. Hand-built by Noble Automotive in Leicestershire, it is made up of carbon fibre, stainless steel and complete with a twin-turbocharged Yamaha V8.

Like most supercars ever produced, it made an appearance and was driven on the British TV show TopGear. After beating the lap time of the notorious Bugatti Veyron, it received a significant amount of praise. You could be the proud owner of the Noble M600 for approximately £200,000.

Lamborghini Aventador

Another Lamborghini family member added to our list. The Lamborghini Aventador sticks to the traditional, with the Aventador translating to ‘fighting bull’. The car was first unveiled to the public on the 28th February 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show, and was destined to be a success due to the amount of interest shown by guests.

After this, Lamborghini announced that since unveiling the first prototype, they had already sold 12 of the Aventador, with delivery subsequently beginning in the second half of 2011. By March 2016, Lamborghini had already built 5,000 of the supercar in 5 years, which had been distributed all over the world. If you fancy taking this car out for a spin, our luxury car hire in Kensington allows you to hire a Lamborghini Aventador, among many other luxury vehicles.

yellow lamborghini aventador

McLaren 720s

Created in Britain, McLaren is one of the most popular vehicle brands across the UK and is amongst some of the fastest in the world. Similar to a lot of the other supercars mentioned in his article, the McLaren 720s was also launched at the Geneva Motor Show, but slightly more recently in March 2017.

Its newer engine includes an improved M840T engine and is a twin-turbocharged V8, which stems from the previous McLaren 3.8 litre engine. This car is not for the faint-hearted as it accelerates from 0-62mph in a mere 2.9 seconds, with an overall maximum speed of 212mph. The inspiration for the design was a great white shark, and has been created with a teardrop-shaped cockpit to mimic the outline of this aquatic animal. The McLaren 720s is perfect for any adrenaline junkie and features one of the most stunning supercar designs in the world. If this car sounds up your street, you’ll be pleased to know that it is very much still in production, so owning one of these is well within your reach – if your budget permits that is!

Ferrari 488 GTB

An updated automobile created by the world-famous Ferrari; the Ferrari 488 GTB is completely up-to-date and includes various performance alterations. Powered by a 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, it has a higher power than the engine of a 458. Named ‘The Supercar of The Year 2015’ by TopGear, as well as being Motor Trend’s ‘Best Drivers Car’ of 2017, this award-winning vehicle is most definitely worth adding to our list.

Reaching 0-62mph in 3 seconds and reaching a top speed of 205mph, this supercar is road safe but most definitely packs a punch in terms of power.

Ferrari 488 GTB

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