Whether it’s your wedding day or a VIP event, it’s essential that you make an excellent first impression by showing up in style with event transport.

Why Hire Event Transport?

No matter the event that you’re going to, event transport can transform the first impressions of your guest and can even lead the main theme of the event. Event transport is commonly used for events, as not only is it impressive, but it makes your life easier. If you’re in the process of stressing over your wedding and frantically running around trying to sort out invitations, venues and food, event transport is just another added stress that you will need to sort out.

If you do not use wedding car hire Chelsea, then you have the problem of finding a car that you can use, and also you need to find a driver. Your wedding day is stressful enough, being chauffeured is easier and allows you to have a moment to yourself to relax and breathe before your big day. Also, if you’re someone who loves to stand out from the crowd and make thing unique, quirky event transport will make your big arrival memorable. So if you have an event coming up on your calendar, whether it be large or small, we have the best quirky event transport ideas that you could consider to make a one of a kind, unforgettable entrance.

Fire Engine

A fire engine is one of the most unique vehicles that you can hire for your event. Although it may seem random, it’s definitely one way to make a memorable entrance that other party goers will remember forever. Commonly, fire engine hire is used at weddings for those who are wanting to add their own personal touch to their wedding. For example, if one person in the marriage is a firefighter sometimes, couples will hire a fire engine as part of the theme of their wedding, or because it’s something that friends and family often associated with them.

If you’re hosting a big event with a lot of guests that will be travelling with you, a fire engine could be your solution. Some fire engines have up to 16 seats, meaning that they can take your whole party along with you. You can even hire fire engine limos that replicate the interior of limousines. The most popular time that fire engines are hired is for children. It’s common for children to be captivated by the idea of being a big strong fireman or firewoman and saving the lives of others. You can hire them out for children’s birthday parties, and some will even show your children how the hose works, as well as other components of the fire engine.

fire engine


One of the most popular vehicle choice for a wedding day or VIP event is supercar hire. Luxury car hire Knightsbridge allows you to hire a supercar of your choice for a day or a longer specified time. Supercar hire is one of the most favoured options as it will enable those to drive or be chauffeured in the car of their dreams without making any commitments. Often, couples who are getting married will hire their significant others favourite car as a surprise on their wedding day, so that it is a memorable experience.

The car that you choose can depend on your preferences, as well as the event theme. If you’re attending a VIP event in which celebrities and influencers may be attending, they will be arriving in high-end cars like you have never seen before. From Rolls Royce to Lamborghini’s and Bentleys. The competition bar is going to be high, which is why you might want to hire out your own supercar for the evening to make your mark. Our Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s are ideal for VIP events and are guaranteed to get the crowd talking. Whereas we also provide luxury high-end vehicles like Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s for wedding days which often receive a request for a more traditional vehicle.

Vintage Campervan

If you love the outdoors and want to collaborate it into your wedding, hiring a vintage campervan could be the perfect form of event transport for you. Although a VW campervan may not be your first choice of car for a VIP event, they are incredibly popular for wedding days and even family days out. If you are someone who prefers doing things the traditional way and has a soft spot for vintage accessories, this timeless transport method could complete your event.

Even if you’re hosting a family event or picnic, taking your family in this car brings a different overall theme and gives you the opportunity to experience something different. Often people decide to drive these themselves as they have a standard engine and are relatively easy to get to grips with. But if your wedding is traditional or you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony, a VW campervan could complete your wedding day.

people and campervan


Another one for lovers of the outdoors! Although it seems stereotypical, it is often farmers or lovers of the outdoors who will hire a tractor for their event. As they most likely work closely with tractors and are often associated with them by their friends and family, why not incorporate it into your next big event?

Although of course you might not be a farmer and might just want to add a unique twist to your event entrance. Vintage tractors can be hired and self-driven for your event; they’re suited for off-roading as well as the roads – although it might take you slightly longer to get there.

Horse & Carriage

A once prevalent method of event transport, although it’s slowly climbing back up on the list of popularity. Horse and carriages are often associated with stereotypically fairytale weddings. In the majority of Disney films, the prince and princess are whisked away in an all-white horse & carriage happily ever after. Which is why it used to be so popular, everyone who grew up watching these sorts of films had their heart set on a fairytale happily ever after wedding. Although we do have to say, when carried out correctly, a horse and carriage can be a beautiful touch to a wedding day and can compliment your wedding theme perfectly.

In fact, this was such a popular method of transport at one time, horse & carriage was a standard way of people getting around. Since, they have been used for almost every kind of event including VIP events and funerals. It’s a beautiful touch that when carried out properly can truly add a glamorous touch to your event. One big Royal Wedding this year caused a spark in the request for wedding day horse and carriages, and that was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Horse and carriage have also been associated with the Royal Family for as long as we can remember, which is what also makes them a popular choice for wedding days.

horse and carriage


Whether you can do this or not may depend on your location and event venue. If your event is out of the country or secluded somewhere else, then it may be relatively for you to arrive by boat. Although we found that one particular kind of boat was most popular with previous event goers. Canal boats or small personalised boats are one of the most popular rides for those who wish to cruise in in style. If you are hosting your event by a canal, lake or river, it could also be easy to arrange this, although we would definitely say that if you have no previous experience driving a boat, that you find a driver who can get you there safely. The last thing you want before an important event is to turn up drenched.

The great thing about making your big entrance in a boat is that you have the opportunity to decorate it as you wish. A lot of newlyweds for their wedding day who arrived by boat personalised it by writing their new marital names and including quotes like “just married”. If it’s for business purposes and you have an important meeting, turning up via boat gives you the perfect opportunity to get some brand awareness. It’s affordable to have logos or strap-lines imprinted and could be an effective way of presenting your business.

Hot Air Balloon

One of the most extravagant methods of transport, and it’s definitely one for the adrenaline junkies. Hot air balloons have slowly risen in popularity and are being incorporated even more into wedding days. You can make the decision to either arrive at your wedding in a hot air balloon, although it might be a bit windy up there. Or you can be picked up from your wedding after the ceremony has taken place, and you can take a tour of your local area from all the way up in the sky. This is thought of as more romantic and will give time for you and your partner to take in all the views and spend a small amount of quality time together before heading to your wedding reception.

Although unfortunately, if you were thinking of saying your wedding vows in a hot air balloon, this is not actually yet legal in the UK, but you can still take the trip of a lifetime beforehand or afterwards!

hot air balloon

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