Often summer weddings are everyone’s dream, getting married on the beach of a gorgeous tropic island. But despite the weather, you can make a Winter wedding just as beautiful, and ensure that your wedding is a day that everyone will remember forever.

Why Have A Winter Wedding?

Unfortunately, no matter what part of the UK you are in, this time of year the weather is always an issue. Snow, ice, strong winds and copious amounts of rain plague us most days. Which is often the main reason why people are put off holding a Winter wedding. Although the weather may be appalling, it will not be enough to stop the wedding of your dreams!

When you think about it, the majority of your wedding day is spent inside, either at the altar saying your vows, or partying and celebrating at your wedding reception. Unless you decide to have an outdoor wedding, the only time you will see the outdoors is when you are travelling to your wedding, leaving your wedding and leaving the wedding reception. Bad weather can sometimes cause bad weather which can be stressful to drive in, this is not what you need on your wedding day! Which is why we always recommend wedding car hire Notting Hill, so that your chauffeur can focus on the driving rather than you becoming stressed on the most important day of your life.

So, Winter weddings can still be beautiful and can be just as magical as any summer wedding. So if your thinking of arranging your wedding during the Winter season, keep reading! As we have devised a set of tips to help you plan and carry out your special day in order for it to be exactly how you want – with no stress!

Prepare For The Weather

As we previously mentioned, in the UK even during the summer months we ensure some ghastly weather. Because of this, we would always advise that when planning your wedding, you ensure that you have a plan in case bad weather hits. This can include anything from snow to thunderstorms, ice or heavy rain.

It’s likely that this will only affect your wedding day if it is being held outside, it can be a nightmare saying your wedding vows in the pouring rain. But as well as this, you must take into consideration travel. If your wedding destination is far away then you may want to make back up plans in case the weather makes it difficult to get to your wedding venue. Snow and ice are the biggest problem causers and can make the roads extremely dangerous, but with the right precautions and steady driving, you can get to your destination safely and soundly. Take a look here for safe driving tips.

If you aren’t a confident driver or find it nerve-wracking driving places you don’t know – especially in the snow. Then you can invest in luxury car hire London with a chauffeur that takes the pressure of you, and means that you have a calm and relaxing journey to your wedding venue.

snow in woods

Keep Warm

Even though it may now be snowing or icy outside, it’s still going to be cold. When in a wedding dress or suit, although they both have insulation it may not be enough to keep you warm in the nippy Winter weather. If your wedding ceremony is inside, then this is not an issue. You can wear warm coats, scarves and gloves en-route to your wedding venue as you do not go straight into the ceremony.

Unless you are the bride who may have trouble fitting Winter wear over the wedding dress! Although do not be afraid to put a twist on your wedding, a lot of people marry in non-traditional wedding clothes, so if you want your own unique twist then why not look into it.

Keep Guests Warm

It’s all well and good keeping you and your partner warm, but remember to make sure your guests don’t freeze! Your friends and family members may of gone through great effort to be there for your special day, and although they will want to be there, it might be hard if they are very cold!

If your wedding reception is in a hall, it’s likely that it will be out of use for the majority of the day. Due to the cold weather, this could mean that when you get there it could be freezing. If you’re worried about this, then be sure to ask the staff at your venue if they could ensure that it’s warm, so that when everybody arrives from the wedding they are greeted with a warm, cosy welcoming. Although we wouldn’t recommend heaters anywhere other than outside, as if you are having a lot of people attend your wedding reception, body heat is going to warm the room up very quickly and you may end up sweltering. In order to avoid this, ensure that there is an outdoor designated area where you and your guests can get a breath of fresh air or go outside when desired.

wedding guests glass clink


Going back to keeping your guests warm, it can be difficult to find a middle ground that means all guests are a good temperature and not overheating or freezing. When using alternative heating methods such as electrical heaters, it’s likely that the room is going to heat up very fast very quickly.

One cosy and decorative way to keep your guests warm is to offer them blankets! When inside this might not be necessary unless they want to sit down and chill out for a while. But if you have a drinks bar outside or food service outside, standing around waiting in the cold can be hard, and can even put your guests off of getting food. Give your guests a boost of added warmth by supplying big fluffy blankets that they can wrap themselves up in to keep warm in the outdoors. When teamed with a steaming cup of mulled wine, on big comfy bean bags surrounded by strings of fairy lights this simplistic design is certain to be a hit at any wedding!

Keep The Warm Refreshments Coming

When the weather is as cold as this, you might find that a lot of your guests would be happier with warm drinks when outside rather than drinking cold beer, cocktails or soft drinks. If the partying doesn’t start straight away and a small period of time is spent outside either in the garden or outside the wedding venue, it’s important to keep your guests refreshed and warm! And the best way to do this is by keeping them stocked up on delicious warm drinks.

You may be wondering which kind of drinks will be best to serve. We have picked out 4 of the most delicious hot drinks to serve at your wedding, both alcoholic and alcohol-free! For kids and those who do not drink alcohol, we recommend supplying milky, creamy hot chocolate. Not only is it delicious, but its winter themed, and for a unique twist you can even purchase printed marshmallows to give your guests for their hot chocolate! Alternatively, if you want to provide some delicious hot drinks to start the celebrations off that do contain alcohol, we have some fantastic ideas.

Start off with the most traditional winter warmer, mulled wine. Even non-wine drinkers will be satisfied with this warm delicious Winter treat. It consists of heated red wine, combined with a combination of different spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and much more. If your thinking of making mulled wine, it can be prepared to serve a large number of guests in a slow cooker! If wine isn’t your sort of thing, we’ve got a drink that will open up your airways on a cold day. Tempt your guests with warm and delicious hot toddies. Hot toddies go back to the 1800s when it was believed that drinking it during the winter would help you prepare and protect you during battle. It’s made up of hot whisky, with honey, herbs and various over spices.

Finally, we have one more delicious hot drink that is guaranteed to be a huge hit with your guests. Often at Christmas time people tend to drink Bailey’s which is a creamy flavoured liqueur that is enjoyed as a festive treat. It has flavours like chocolate, vanilla and nutty which are sweet and are often drank on the rocks. Although, due to it’s sweet taste and creamy texture, Bailey’s is often incorporated into a lot of sweet treats at this time of year for a festive twist. Which is why we recommend serving your guests Bailey’s hot chocolate, it’s a nice warm treat that will satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

mulled wine

Don’t Forget Catering

It’s vital to not get caught up in your wedding plans and that you remember to book some form of wedding catering for your special day. Not only for your guests needs but yourself as well! It’s a big day, as well as a long one and to stay on top form you’re going to need a delicious meal as well. The type of event catering you choose depends on the theme of your wedding, as well as religions, dietary requirements and budget. Although if you’re sticking to a Wintery theme we would recommend hiring a catering company who provide meals such as hog roasts. But also be sure to check with your catering company that they have alternative dishes in order for your friends and family that have dietary requirements to be able to eat as well.

Plan Your Winter Wedding

By using these top tips, you can plan the Winter wedding of your dreams and ensure that everything runs smoothly, allowing you to have the best wedding day that you can remember and cherish forever. For any car hire, or Bentley Bentayga, please feel free to contact a member of our staff today.

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