Supercar hire is excellent; it lets you take the wheel and experience driving your dream vehicle for just a fraction of the price it would cost to buy it yourself.

Why Use Supercar Hire?

Supercar hire allows you to be in control, you are fully insured and safe, and you get a change from driving your day to day vehicle, experiencing the power of some of the world most notorious supercars.

With certain events, it can be nice to show off sometimes. Turning up in a supercar is one guaranteed way to do so. All of our vehicles receive regular maintenance, checks and are cleaned daily to ensure that our customers are satisfied. They hold some of the most beautiful interiors in the world, and allow you to be in utmost comfort while you are driving. As well as experiencing driving a supercar, if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, haven’t passed your test yet, or don’t meet the age criteria to drive your desired vehicle – that’s not a problem. We have a number of professional, trained chauffeurs who can collect you, and drop you home after your event. Meaning that you can travel in style, as well as in comfort.

If you have a significant event approaching soon and want to make a statement, supercar hire Hitchin is definitely the way to do so. Not sure whether supercar hire suits your event? We have composed a list of the best events for you to hire a supercar in order to impress and make your mark on the event. So keep reading!

Awards Evenings

Even without supercar hire, an awards evening alone is something to be extremely proud of. You have clearly done something incredible, and your hard work has finally paid off! Whether you are attending an awards evening as a guest, or accepting an award yourself, turning up in a supercar makes an everlasting impression and shows that you mean business.

Whether your event is in a classy event venue in London, or even hosted at an academy venue somewhere else across the UK, our chauffeurs can collect you free of charge from your location, and then drop you off. You have obviously done some hard work to achieve something as great as an award, and you should be proud! Why not treat yourself to a moment of luxury by travelling in a sophisticated, sought-after supercar. You won’t regret it.

orange lamborghini

VIP Events

If attending an event where there are going to be public figures and celebrities, supercar hire is a perfect added touch. Be prepared for some of the flashiest, most exquisite and uniquely designed vehicles you have ever seen. Some of the biggest celebrities take pride in their cars, and it shows status. Therefore they go above and beyond to ensure that their vehicle stands out from the crowd and reflects their high-end celebrity status.

However, it’s not a competition of who can show up in the biggest, best and most expensive car. It’s all about comfort. If you know there are going to be a lot of nice vehicles at this event, or if you’re making a grand entrance from your car to the door – that could be on video or shown in the media, you are going to want to have a car that looks great on camera and allows you to feel comfortable and at ease. Choose something that suits you; you don’t have to go too flashy or extravagant – take a look a tour fleet of vehicles to see what you can choose from.


If one of your friends has shone out to you this year and you feel as if they deserve a treat or taste of luxury, why not treat them to luxury car hire London? If you’re thinking of going on a night out somewhere fancy, or going out for dinner at a high-end restaurant, why not arrange for you and your friend to be picked up in one of our prestige vehicles to get your evening started?

Or if it’s your own birthday, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something lavish! If your thinking of going somewhere nice with a partner, friend or family member, luxury car hire is an experience, and a treat for your special day.

birthday celebrations

Music Videos

The entire point of music videos is to draw listeners in and to attract attention from viewers. What better way to do so than with a flashy supercar? Ensure that the content of your song fits the song and that it has some relevance – it can make your music video memorable and give it a unique twist.

What a lot of music producers do, is they hire cars and have them wrapped for music videos to make them unique and attractive. Wrapping cars is easier, and means that there are no temporary changes to the vehicle and that it has no effects on its original exterior.


If you have your prom coming up, a lot of thought is put into the method of transport. A lot of young adults compete during prom season abut who can turn up in the flashiest, biggest and craziest prom car. Although that’s not what it is about. Prom is typically the purpose of celebrating your years at school with friends and everything that you have managed to achieve.

Of course, it would be wonderful to turn up to prom in a Bugatti, but it’s not what you need. Some of our luxury vehicles like Rolls Royce and Bentleys make stunning prom cars and are guaranteed to create a show-stopping entrance. Available at affordable pricing, turning up to prom in style and comfort has never been so easy!

prom attendees

Hire Your Supercar Today

Supercar hire is intended to give you a taste of luxury, without having to fork out the full price to buy a car outright or lease it. When hiring a prestige vehicle for an event ensure that you don’t end up in competition. Hire your dream car that suits you and ensures that you are comfortable and happy with your choice!

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