Unique wedding ideas make your wedding ceremony more memorable to you and your guests, which is often why people try to be as original as possible.

Why Use Unique Wedding Ideas?

Like we previously mentioned, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. You want to make it one to remember for both you and your guests. A lot of people find weddings very competitive and want to make theirs the best and most outrageous wedding that has ever been. Although this isn’t necessary, with a few personal touches and unique ideas you can make your wedding stand out from the crowd and blow your guests away.

If you are currently in the process of planning your wedding, this article can help you include some original and one of a kind ideas into your wedding day. If you have an event planner, this is a huge advantage they can help come up with unique ideas to help make your wedding day on to remember. But if you want ideas without the hassle and the added expenses, we have devised a list of the top unique things you can have at your wedding for all of your friends and family to enjoy, so keep reading!

Wedding Wheel

How do you fancy having a wheel of fortune at your own wedding? Wheel spinning games are well known for enjoyment purposes and give their users a thrill and overcome them with excitement. The game is based on pure luck and on quiz shows can end you up with a really great prize.

Take this idea and incorporate it into your wedding. This would work extremely well if you had a casino royale themed wedding. But even if not it still makes a really fun and original game for your guests to play. If you didn’t want to offer your guests prizes – as this could end up being costly, you can put your own personalised twist on the game and change it to dares. Weddings are a time when families come together to celebrate and laugh together, maximise the humour with your own dare wedding wheel. Of course, we don’t mean anything too over the top, but simple, humorous dares can make the evening fly by and provide great and affordable entertainment for your guests.

Or as another alternative, heighten the love and play Cupid at your wedding by having your guests spin the kissing wheel. All forms of these games are entertaining and are sure to be a hit with your guests. Order your wedding wheel here!

Wedding Piñata

A wedding piñata is always a hit, bring out the inner child of your guests by handing them bats to break into the content of a piñata. Wedding piñata’s can be brought, or they can even be made at home if you really wanted to save money. You can choose the filling of your piñata whether it’s traditional sweets or whether you put your own twist on the contents and fill it with your guests’ favourite things.

Previously, wedding guests have brought the wedding piñata to the reception as a gift to the bride. There have been cases in which it’s been the bride’s task to break into the piñata. Once she has broken it down the contents, have contained notes from all of the guests at her wedding wishing her luck in the future with her new partner. This is a fantastic and very meaningful, personal wedding gift – although you can request your guests to do this and then read out all of the lovely messages you receive. Order your wedding piñata here, or find out how to make your own!

heart shaped pinata

Hire A Supercar

This is one way to wow your guests for sure. Supercars can be hard to book; you have to book well in advance to ensure that you secure the car of your dreams. However, Royal Rentals have such a large range of supercars and hypercars; you are guaranteed to find a vehicle you love.

All of our supercars London undergo daily maintenance checks and receive intensive cleaning to ensure that they stay in top condition for our clients. Our vehicles are used for corporate car hire Cambridge, and for many other purposes, so you can hire one of our vehicles for all occasions. Most people stick to traditional vehicles for weddings, why not break the stereotype and turn up in a hot red Lamborghini? Of course, we understand if you want to keep it traditional, which is why we have a vast selection of Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys for the perfect, sophisticated wedding day.

Make A Kids Table

If you are someone who has a lot of young relatives in your family, it may be a good idea to create their own private table where they can all sit and socialise together. This gives the adults and other family members the chance to catch up while the children in your family can sit, draw and socialise with their members of the family the same age as them.

Children are simple to entertain and there are so many ways you can do it. Organise a set of smaller table and chairs with drawing, colouring books, games and toys that they can keep occupied and entertained with.

children holding hands at wedding

Hire A Photobooth

Bring all of the family together with a photobooth! Your guests are certain to remember your special day if they have a handful of snaps printed out to take home with them. A lot of photo booth companies even personalise the picture strips with text at the bottom stating the names of the bride and groom. Photobooths come with props or backdrops that can put a modernised or themed twist on your images.

One of our favourite photobooth companies is Inflatable Photobooth who supply a variety of backdrops and themes to suit all wedding types. They have green-screens that can add backgrounds to your images and also provide a wide variety of props to make your photos funny and personalised. If you want to upload the photos onto any social media, it’s simple, as they upload all images in an album on their social media that you can directly download onto all of your devices.

Make Your Wedding Day Unique

Using these unique wedding tips, you can make your special day one to remember. It’s essential that you create a wedding day suited to both you and your partner’s preferences to make it cherished forever. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?