We have picked out some of the best supercars of 2018. This year supercar production has been full steam ahead as they quickly gain popularity around the world.

What Are The Best Supercars Of 2018?

As we previously mentioned, supercars and luxurious vehicles are taking the world by storm. It’s a collective dream for people to own a car like this, but it can be a costly investment which car owners are not always prepared for. Which is why often, people opt for supercar hire Milton Keynes as they don’t have to pay the costs of insurance, maintenance and repairs to the vehicle – which can be costly.

As well as this, more often than not, supercar fanatics enjoy just being inside a supercar without even driving it. Because of this, they choose a package that includes a chauffeur to drive them to events and locations without the hassle themselves. So they can sit back and relax in the comfort of their dream vehicle for half of the price.

For supercar fanatics, a lot of vehicle car hire companies offer packages and set prices so that you can hire one vehicle for a block amount of time if you wish. New supercars are unveiled every year, but it’s not about the newness, it’s the quality and personality of the vehicle itself that makes it stand out from the rest. Which is why we have taken the time to list some of the most prestigious and impressive supercars of 2018 that have shocked the public to the core and left us with an everlasting memory of their fantastic features. So keep reading!

Gumpert Apollo

Gumpert is not as well known as the other high-end supercar brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. But this fantastic vehicle still deserves a place in this article, after all, it is one of the fastest cars in the whole world!

It doesn’t receive as much coverage as it should and is a fantastic vehicle to own. Created by the original owner of Audi, Roland Gumper. He created this state of the art vehicle as he became bored during retirement. Using his old contacts and general car knowledge he produced the Gumpert Apollo that exists today. Reaching an incredible 224mph, it can reach 60mph in a simple 3.4 seconds.

The only downfall of this vehicle is the confusing to work 6 gear gearbox, but this can be learnt with repetitive driving. The most impressive features of this car that have brought it into our favourite vehicles of 2018 are the incredible pace this car can build up, alongside its fantastic braking system and road grip.

Noble M600

Noble M600 was the British challenger of popular supercar brand Ferrari. It spent years in the making and was mentioned in the media before it’s release, and finally made its debut in the early months of 2010.

Based in Leicestershire, this supercar produced by Noble is slightly above their average price range of around £50000-£70000 making it their most expensive vehicle produced. From resting point, this supercar can reach 60mph in just 3 seconds, and then can achieve an optimum speed of 225mph. One of the main benefits of this vehicle is it’s a low volume vehicle, with no high revving or acceleration noises like most supercars.

Although if it’s an automatic vehicle you favour, you will be sad to know that just like the Gumpert Apollo, this vehicle is also manual. But provides and light and simple drive for those that take power behind the wheel.

blue noble M600

Image Credit: AutoCar

Ford GT

The Ford GT has been in planning for years and has been in talks for 5 decades. It is available in left-hand drive only and adapted its engine from an f150 pickup truck. The GT was initially designed and intended to be produced just for racing purposes, but then the rules changed and they produced road safe versions.

The best part about the Ford GT is that although it is extremely fast, it’s a smooth and comfortable vehicle to drive. Although be careful with this, and take care not to go too fast.

Ferrari 488 GTB

One of the most popular Ferrari models to date, the Ferrari 488 GTB is an upgraded version of the original model.

It was designed to be a more indulgent model and emphasises luxury from the exterior to the fantastic leather interiors. If you want a car to show off, the Ferrari 488 GTB is for you, with a louder engine you can wow the crowd with a robust revving noise that shows the power of this supercar.

Even on the roughest terrain, this vehicle shows it’s durability and adaptation levels by continuing a smooth drive with super easy steering.

ferrari red in garage

Lamborghini Huracan

We couldn’t continue this article without mentioning one of the most notorious and favoured vehicle names to date. Lamborghini is mentioned in countless songs, have been featured in music videos and is the dream car of many.

The Lamborghini Huracan is the brand’s supercar entry-level vehicle; it’s supercar relative being the Aventador. Available in both Spyder and Coupe styles, the Huracan is tailored to its driver’s preferences to create the most comfortable driving experience. Many Lamborghini drivers have said that their driving experience has been comfortable and made simpler with the extensive up to date technology featured in the interior of the car.

Favoured in bright, show-stopping colours, you can personalise your Lamborghini to yourself. Most owners opt for vibrant colours to attract attention.

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