When you are faced with the task of planning any form of event, there is a lot of pressure to ensure the day or evening runs seamlessly, problem-free and meets the expectations of guests. However, the pressure is exaggerated dramatically when you are given responsibility to plan and execute a VIP event. Although you will need to up your game when it comes to taking charge of a VIP event, there are a few handy tips for hosting that are guaranteed to take some of the weight off your shoulder.

6 Top Tips For Hosting A VIP Event

The role of an event planner is one of the most stressful, yet fun and rewarding jobs. There is nothing better than sitting back and watching your hard work in full swing, with every guest having a fantastic time.

When it comes to VIP events and celebrations, it’s all about setting an atmosphere and feel of complete luxury. So, if you’re responsible for planning a successful VIP event, then keep ready for some great tips!

1. Create A Plan Of Action

Whether you are an experienced event planner or you are trying your hand at the role for the first time, the key to success is remaining organised at absolutely every step of the preparation process. Start by setting a realistic budget, taking into consideration every factor required along with spare cash in the case of an emergency. It is always recommended to arrange a meeting with others to brainstorm ideas and lay down the basics that need to be arranged first, for example, venues, catering and the invite list. Creating a huge brainstorm will allow you to factor out anything that can be considered if you have extra budget and focus on the essentials, always also think of a plan B, just in case.

If you are working as part of an event team or group, the initial planning meeting gives you the perfect opportunity to allocate tasks and jobs to each member. Take into consideration each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage. If you know someone who is fantastic at communicating but lacks organisation skills, they would be perfect for negotiating with vendors. On the other hand, if you know someone who is a little shy, but is excellent at meeting deadlines, they will be the backbone of the project ensuring that all plans are put into practice on time.

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2. Accommodation

Mainly if you are holding a large scale event, organising accommodation options is vital. Guests who are attending a VIP event will expect the very best, so research into a venue that is surrounded by five-star luxury hotels that provide a range of breakfast options to suit all. There will be considerably more options in a big city; however, with good research, you will be able to find some gorgeous small bed and breakfasts if you opt for a more rural location.

Your guests will hugely appreciate if you take the time out to attach a list of hotel recommendations to their invitation along with contact details on how they can make a booking. Encourage them to make bookings in advance to avoid disappointment or add in an option to note down where they would like a reservation to be made in their RSVP, so a member of your events team can make bookings on their advance.

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3. Coordinate All Decor

One of the trickiest aspects of planning a VIP event is getting the decor spot on; unfortunately, there can be a very fine line between luxury and tacky. The long-running motto is less is more, you want to go for a simple colour scheme that flows well throughout your venue.

A monochromatic colour scheme is very popular, sticking to black or white furniture with the odd splash of colour and touch of glitz in the form of, for example, chandeliers, table flower arrangements or even ice sculptures. LED lights are an affordable, yet highly effective way to add colour to your venue decor. Many venues place fabric drapes behind the bar or across the ceiling accompanied by coloured LED lights, popularly pink lights or if you wanted to keep it simple, stick to white.

Coordination doesn’t have to be limited to just decor, to maintain the high-class theme, ensure that all staff are also coordinated and looking smart.

4. Transport

Always make sure that transport is arranged to get your guests safely to the event and then back to their accommodation after. If guests have made reservations into some of your recommended hotels, as previously mentioned, arrange a minibus or taxis to pick them up at an allocated time. It means that guests can enjoy their day or evening without the worry of how to get home afterwards.

If your VIP event is to celebrate a birthday, wedding or special achievement, why not arrange a big entrance for the star of the show. Arranging prestige car or supercar hire is perfect create that Hollywood celebrity feel. Car hire will have to be arranged in advance with a deposit put down, so only recommended if you have a larger budget.

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5. Bespoke Food Catering

For many, catering can make or break an event; food choice plays a huge part in your guest’s overall experience. In some cases, you may only be throwing a short event for a few hours, in this case, only nibbles will be required. You could hire fun food carts or serve canapés along with a glass of champagne on arrival.

However, if you are throwing a large scale event, you must decide whether a buffet or sit down three-course meal would be better suited. For both, it is vital to send out invitations as soon as possible, so you can receive RSVP’s in advance to ensure caterers are aware of the number of guests they will need to cater for and the venue has the capacity to hold enough seating arrangements for all.

When considering catering type options, why not opt for something a little different and less traditional? Perhaps a Japanese themed menu with a variety of different sushi dishes to try? Or an Indian menu with traditional curries and side dishes?


6. Entertainment

One of the main factors of any event guests eagerly anticipate is what entertainment they will get the chance to enjoy. In most cases, event planners play it safe and opt for a band or singers. However, nowadays it can become incredibly tricky to track down an artist or band that everyone will enjoy and will meet their preferred music genre. To avoid unhappy and bored guests, hire entertainment that absolutely everyone will enjoy.

Inflatable photo booth hire London is the perfect entertainment option. Booths can be tailored to your event, and we can guarantee that your guests will be rushing to take a snap with their friends. After each visit, guests will get an instant print out to take home with them as a memorable keepsake.

Plan A Stress-Free VIP Event

With thorough planning and exceptional organisation skills, we can guarantee that your VIP event will go down a storm with your guests. The key to hosting a successful event is to ensure that all bookings are made in advance with a plan B action in the case of a last minute cancellation.

We hope our article has been helpful, good luck with planning your VIP event!