Prom is one of the most significant days in a teenagers life, not only is it a fantastic excuse to get dressed up and have fun, but it also celebrates transitioning from a school pupil to a more mature, adult-like character. Meaning that you want everything to be perfect – which is why most people use a prom checklist to make sure that they had everything on track and organised ready for their prom.

Why Use A Prom Checklist?

Although it’s not a necessity, a prom checklist can be extremely helpful when planning something as big as your school or sixth form prom. It helps you keep track of all of the things that haven’t yet been done and are still outstanding, as well as all of the things that have been sorted.

So if you need guidance on how to organise everything for your prom stress-free, then not to worry. We have devised the ultimate prom-checklist to cover everything that you need to do in order to prepare for your prom day successfully. So keep reading!

Set Your Budget

The first step you have to take when preparing for an event like prom is to set a budget. Make a spreadsheet of all of your expenses so that you can keep track of your incoming payments and outgoing expenses, that way you can make sure that you don’t overspend on your budget and can work out what you can afford.

Decide whether you want your makeup professionally done, or if you’re going to hire a suit or buy it outright. If you would rather spend more money on something else then why not consider hiring out a suit for your prom day? This can help you save money to put towards other expenses.

Decide Your Outfit Well In Advance

When picking out your prom dress or suit, it’s essential to do a lot of research. Take a look at prom and suit lookbooks, or have a look at Pinterest prom pinboards for inspiration. Have a look both online and in-store to make sure that you find the best deals. If you really want to save money on your prom outfit, then there’s nothing wrong with purchasing something second hand. Something like a prom dress might only be worn once, so do you want to spend hundreds of pounds on a dress you’re going to wear once?

Sites like offer hundreds of stunning prom dresses and prom suits that are high quality and available for a fantastic price – making it one of the best ways for you to save money on your prom outfit.

Be sure to try your prom dress/suit on before your date of prom to double check that it fits correctly; it isn’t impossible to lose or gain weight in a short period of time. So just double check that your outfit doesn’t need altering as it can be hard to find last minute availability for clothing alterations. As well as this it’s easy enough for you to change your mind. You might slowly start to change your mind on the outfit you once had your heart set on, so try it on a few times just to be sure that it’s what you’re happy with.

prom dresses on rail

Schedule In All Of Your Appointments

If you’ve decided to have your hair or makeup professionally done, be sure to book it well in advance to guarantee a space. Around this time of year, it’s challenging to find available slots for hair and makeup as a lot of prom attendees will be booking in for the same thing as you. Try and decide on the desired hairstyle to let your hairdresser or barber know what sort of thing you want, this applies to makeup too. Have a look online at prom makeup ideas or inspiration for eyeshadow by looking at look-books, this way your makeup artist can prepare and get the correct products in suited for you.

Be Sure To Have Trial Runs

If you do book in for hair and makeup, then ensure that you have a few trial runs before the big day. People are typically extremely particular about what they think looks good and what doesn’t, there are a number of things that can affect how something looks good on you. For example, specific eyeshadow colours don’t always look the best on certain eye colours. Read here how you can use eyeshadow to enhance your natural eye colour.

By having trial runs you can see what you’re going to look like and make tweaks to the things you aren’t sure of. The last thing you want is to not be happy with your hair or makeup before prom as it will put a downer on your evening.

girl having her makeup professionally done

Remember To Book In Or Organise Your Transport

One thing that a lot of people forget when organising their prom is transport. A lot of people decide to book in prom car hire London as it saves them the hassle of arranging their own form of transportation. As well as this you have the option of so many different vehicles to travel in whether you want to arrive in a brand new supercar, or classy in something like a Rolls Royce, the option is there for you to choose a vehicle suited to your preferences.

Prom car hire is affordable and time-saving, so if you have the money to spare, then it could be beneficial. As well as this, there are a variety of cars that allow for multiple person transportation if you wanted to travel in style with your companions to prom.

Hire A Photographer

If you want your prom memories to last forever, what better way to do that than by hiring a professional photographer. A photographer has plenty of experience in creating everlasting prom photos, knowing the best locations and stances to capture your best moments before attending prom. As well as this, check if your school or college has arranged a photobooth, this way you can take home prom memories without having to pay a penny! Photobooths are fun and allow you to take photos with all of your friends at once with funny props and effects.

photographer carrying tripod and camera

Most Of All, Enjoy Your Evening!

And of course, the most important part of all. Enjoy yourself! Have a fantastic evening with your friends as that’s all that matters. If you need supercar hire Cambridge, then contact one of our representatives today for a quote. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?