Cars and motor vehicles have come a long way since they were first invented, there are hundreds of weird cars that have been built over the years – some of them failing and some of them being surprisingly successful.

The History Of Weird Cars

Cars are believed to have been around from the late 1800’s and first made an appearance thanks to Karl Benz – the original inventor of the motor vehicle company that is well known today as Mercedes Benz.

The cars we have today are completely unrecognisable when compared to some of the first vehicles ever produced, technology has advanced massively and allowed us to create vehicles that compare to some of the fastest things on the planet. So if you are a car fanatic and want to see some of the weirdest cars ever produced, then keep reading!

General Motors Firebird 1XP – 21

A lot of car manufacturers have had the dream of producing a vehicle that matches the astounding speed of a rocket, although it may not have reached the same high speeds of a missile the car company General Motors decided to give it a go.

The finished products resembled a fighter jet crossed with a rocket and was given the name “firebird”. It featured a long missile shaped body complete with four wheels, a tail fin and a bubble-shaped cockpit that has an uncanny resemblance to a fighter jet. Like we previously mentioned a lot of car companies wanted a vehicle that could match the high speeds of a jet or rocket, although this is impossible this vehicle still managed to reach an impressive 370 horsepower with a turbine engine that span at 26000 to create an impressive amount of power.

General Motors Firebird 1XP 21

1935 Bugatti Type 57S

This car originally was unveiled at the Paris Autoshow in 1935, but it was lost almost straight after its big unveiling to the public. Although Bugatti simply claimed that the vehicle had been “lost” there were a lot of theories that the high-end brand had disassembled the parts used in the type 57S and reused them in the 57 model that followed.

As the model that was unveiled at the Paris mysteriously disappeared there was never another version of the car, so they decided to create the model as based as they could based upon record specs, photos and a painting completed by one of the engineers who took part in building the vehicle.

1959 Cadillac Cyclone

This futuristic looking car was unbelievably one of the safest cars you could drive in back in 1959, despite its off-putting appearance. Although it didn’t have healdights, so it probably wasn’t the best idea to drive it during the night, where the headlights are meant to sit there are two large blacked out cones.

These cones are car crash sensors, which we would call today cruise control. If these sensors picked up any objects within a radius deemed too close to the car at a certain speed then the car would make a loud beeping noise, set of warning lights and even automatically apply the brakes.

Cadillac cyclone on grass


The 1948 Tasco was designed under an extremely short-lived American automotive company called “The American Sports Car Company”. The name was decided as it was an acronym for the founder and manufacturer Gordon Buehrig, Gordon took inspiration for the design for Tasco from ww2 fighter planes similar to the Firebird.

Unfortunately, this vehicle wasn’t very successful upon its release, and the company closed down after a short-lived uproar because of their new strange vehicle. The car had fibreglass covering wheels that moved once the steering motion was input, which was advanced technology for this time.

1970 Ferrari Pininfarina 512S Modula

This car looks like it was created with the future in mind, you can easily picture it being driven by someone with similarities to the arch enemies of James Bond with its sleek, streamlined appearance. As one of the biggest Hypercars Milton Keynes it’s no surprise that Ferrari came out with this bizarre futuristic vehicle.

This vehicle was created for the 1970 Geneva Motorshow and was not designed with beauty and appearance in mind, which is a change for Ferrari. The designer Paulo Martin decided on the strange body shape and put it over the chassis of a standard styled Ferrari 512s race car.

Ferrari Pininfarina

1942 Ouef Electrique

This vehicle shocked the entire French nation when it was unveiled by French vehicle designer Paul Arzens. The vehicle was quite literally a bubble or egg with wheels; it was very simply built with pedals, a large steering wheel and a bench big enough for 2 people, giving it a really spacious interior.

The car had 3 wheels and ran on batteries before petrol based cars were really on the scene. Designer Paul Arzens used the electric egg as his day to day vehicle and even when he rose to fame and became successful still took it out for regular drives despite having a variety of fancy cars to choose from. The car was very simplistic and was even formed from general materials that were easily accessible, reaching its top speed of 37mph the electric egg was created out of hand-formed curved aluminium as well as curved plexiglass to give it the egg shape.

Over time the Ouef Electrics popularity did die out when new cars were being released with new technology and higher speeds. However, on a recent vehicle museum tour a survey showed that 60% of the people there would purchase this car if it was remodelled with the latest technology and had the ability to reach higher speeds – so keep your eyes peeled for an electric egg revamp!

Keep Up To Date With The Ever-changing Features Of Cars

Cars in this day and age have insane abilities, with all of the voice-activated features and crash avoidance technology it’s now a lot safer on the roads than it has been in the past. When you compare supercars St Albans to the cars from the past it is unbelievable how far technology has come and the difference between vehicles. So if you’re a car fanatic then keep your eyes peeled for the latest released, you might recognise some features of a dated car making a comeback.

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