Wedding car rental may not be one of the first things on your mind when planning the wedding of your dreams, but it plays a significant part in your big day.

Is Wedding Car Rental Affordable?

Hiring a wedding car will make your wedding day run a lot smoother then you would expect, it can be a hassle finding a vehicle to use on the day as well as finding someone to drive you to the ceremony. Wedding car hire Milton Keynes can be affordable if you choose the correct company and find a deal that is best for you. Our chauffeur driven car hire is relatively cheaper than our self-drive packages so if you wanted to be whisked off on your wedding day with no worries then that could be the deal for you.

So although car hire is not relatively cheap, there are plenty of ways to make a deal suit you and your budget. So why should you use a wedding car hire service for your wedding day? Can it be beneficial and make your wedding day easier? Keep reading to find out!

1. Save Money And Time

Alternatively to car hire, apart from driving yourself, the only other option you have is to arrive in a taxi. Although this is not awful, it can end up costing you a lot more than you first anticipated, it is not uncommon for taxis to take you routes that you have not travelled down before to add extra onto the taxi fare. They also can drive slow and make wrong turnings in order to get as much money out of the journey as possible.

With prestige car hire Aylesbury you are guaranteed to pay a set price with no hidden costs amongst paying a deposit upfront to secure your vehicle. The only chauffeurs hired take part in thorough DBS check to ensure that they are viable for a position as a chauffeur at Royal Rentals. Comfort on your wedding day is essential, and being driven around by someone who you don’t have a solid background on can be quite unnerving.

Then there is also the reliance on taxis being on time and having you arrive on time – with scheduled car hire you have the guarantee that you will arrive in style and on time with our highly trained chauffeurs. Car hire chauffeurs carry out extensive training before they are allowed to drive any passengers around that they are aware of the area and know the shortest and longest routes in order to transport you to your wedding venue smoothly and on time.

2. Choose Your Own Luxury Vehicle

You obviously would not go out and purchase a new car just for your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t have a stunning vehicle! Most luxury and supercar hire companies have an extensive range of luxury vehicles both supercar and prestige for you to choose from, meaning that you can fit your car with your wedding theme and colour as well as travelling in a comfortable prestige vehicle on your wedding day.

rolls royce

3. Car Related Responsibility Is On The Hire Company

Although it is very rare that anything should happen to your chosen vehicle, with the car hire company taking responsibility you have no worries and peace of mind that in the rare circumstances that something does go wrong then it is not on your shoulders.

4. Travel In Style And Luxury

When on route to your wedding you are going to be stressed and anxious and filled with loads of different emotions, so by using wedding car hire you have a moment to relax and make yourself comfortable to elt the stress and anxiety drift away.

All vehicle interiors are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that you get the utmost comfort when travelling in a hired vehicle. This could also be a good time to converse with who you are travelling with; it could be your dad, bridesmaids, mum, anyone. And this can be an excellent time to have a relaxing chat before you are met by your future spouse.

black bentley

5. Chauffeur Driven Cars Add Elegance And Style To Your Wedding

Being honest, you would not turn up to your wedding in an old bashed up car, and so you shouldn’t have to! It’s your big day, and it’s essential that when organising your wedding you take things like this into account so that you can choose any car you wish.

If you are having a traditional wedding, then something like a Rolls Royce can be the ideal touch of elegance needed to complete your wedding. Whereas if you’re having a high rate modern day wedding and being swept off of your feet, then an Aston Martin or Lamborghini may be the ideal vehicle for you! Either way, your guests will be breathless when you arrive in a car like that!

6. Experienced Chauffeurs

Like we mentioned earlier, all of our chauffeurs have undertaken a heavily checked DBS check that ensures they are suited for the position and to keep our customers safe and in the correct care. Once they have passed this, they undergo extensive training to learn all routes off by heart and know the longest and shortest routes – this way they can always make it to you on time! An experienced chauffeur is guaranteed to get you to your big day on time!

So Book Wedding Car Hire Today!

Dependant on the vehicle that you wish to hire wedding car hire can be slightly costly, but it is all worth in the end when your wedding day is stress-free and runs perfectly – not to mention how good the vehicles will look in your wedding photos!

It is often easier for you, and more cost effective to hire vehicles that are chauffeur driven. This is the option best for your wedding day as it makes life easier for you, and saves the stress of you getting there on time as our trained chauffeurs will be waiting!

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