Owning a supercar is something that only a select few are actually able to achieve. For the rest of us, hiring a supercar for a weekend or holiday is far ore realistic.

However, before you get too excited and start signing contracts and agreements for a rental package, there are a few things that you need to double check first.

Take the time to read through these points to make sure that you get the best supercar hire in London possible. These are our 5 checks for you to make with any supercar hire agreement.

Why It’s Important to Check:

As you already know by now, supercars aren’t cheap and getting them repaired can easily cost just as much as the car itself, if not more in extreme cases. That’s exactly why it’s important to check everything that comes within the hire agreement.

The last thing you need is to pay ££££’s for vehicle repairs on a Lamborghini Huracan or Audi R8.

During this weeks article we’re going to cover some of the most important checks that you can make when hiring any vehicle, let alone a luxury supercar.

Consider the following points:

  • Vehicle Condition
  • Insurance Cover
  • Car Registration
  • Mileage Inclusions
  • Age Limitations

Check the Vehicle . . . Again, and Again:

One hugely important thing you can do when you’re in the process of hiring a luxury car is to thoroughly check its condition before signing any forms.
One thing worth doing is making sure that the vehicle owner or rental agency is present when you’re doing so. This simply gives you and them a little extra peace of mind, knowing that when you do drive away with the vehicle, its in good condition with no superficial damages.

An added bonus is that if there were any damages highlighted, this would be noted before you hire the car. If the rental agency or owner is aware of the damage to the vehicle beforehand, then you will not be charged for any bodywork repairs after.

Make sure that you have double and triple checked the vehicle inside and out. You want to make sure that there is absolutely no reason for the owner to hit you with unexpected costs upon your return.

Look out for:

  • Paintwork Scratches
  • Dents, Scrapes and Scuffs
  • Interior Damages
  • Electrical Faults
  • Chips and Cracks on Windshields

Red Porsche

Confirm That The Vehicle is Fully Insured:

In all honesty, the chances of you having an accident are extremely slim but lets not forget that you’re in control of a vehicle that is far more powerful and aggressive than what you’re used to.

Make sure that the vehicle you’re hiring comes with comprehensive insurance. If the owner suggests that you’ll only need third party or partial cover make sure that you either insist of full cover or walk away.

It’s not worth the risk without it. Even if you don’t have an incident, someone else may have an accident that causes him or her to damage your hire car.

Is The Car Registered to Drive in the UK?

The best way to check this is to ask the owner directly.

A lot of supercars are imported from other countries and as a result, they need to go through the correct process of registration before they can be driven.

Failing to register a vehicle correctly in the UK can lead to serious consequences that could include:

  • Impounding the Vehicle
  • Getting Stopped by the Police
  • Fines and Points

As the legal “owner” the rental agent needs to comply with HMRC and the UK law before allowing the vehicle to be driven. Make sure that the car you’re planning to hire is eligible for use here in the UK.

Pre-Pay for Correct Miles:

Getting the mileage correct for any hire car is so important. However, for supercars, it’s even more important as the fees involved tend to be a lot higher.

Make sure that you’re fully aware of the total mileage you’re allowed to complete with the car. Remember to allow for travelling to and from your collection point too as not every supercar hire company will include this within their tariff.

Mileage included for each vehicle generally includes:

  • 400 miles
  • 500 miles
  • 700 miles
  • Bespoke agreements

Yellow Lamborghini

Are You Able to Drive?

As with any supercar hire company, you’ll need to meet a minimum age requirement before you can drive specific vehicles. These age limits will alter with different companies however; most tend to be within 28-70 years old.

Unfortunately, if you fall either side of these limits, you wont be able to drive the vehicle.

Don’t try to outsmart the company or owner either. A lot of young drivers try to use false identities in an attempt to hire luxury cars in Milton Keynes such as Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Audi’s.

You’ll need to confirm details on your photo card licence and your counterpart paper licence. The agency will then confirm a number of details before providing you with the rental car of your choice.