As you approach your final days as a school student with your prom around the corner, a few thoughts enter your mind:

Firstly, “where am I going to get a decent tux/dress?”

And secondly, “how am I going to get to prom?”

So Why Do People Make A Big Deal About Transport for Prom?

Over the years, the traditional school prom has really taken the UK by storm.

More and more British schools are welcoming the tradition and some of the ideas that come with arranging prom transportation are really inventive.

So then…

What are the most memorable forms of transport for prom?

#1 Stick to Tradition and Book a Limo from Home

Many students that are planning various ways to get to their prom have booked a standard, luxury limousine.

Popular for many reasons really – booking a limo for your prom transportation is a pretty safe bet if you have a large group of couples.

However, the most popular reasons for using a stretch limousine for your transportation to prom include:

  • A modern and stylish luxury vehicle
  • Easier to book as there are many rental companies available
  • Cheaper hiring fee’s as the cost is generally split multiple ways
  • You can book optional extras for your journey (music, champagne, etc.)
  • Pick you up directly from a certain location

If you are considering hiring a limousine as transport for prom, the downsides tend to include:

  • Very common way to get to a school prom (could be more groups with the same idea)
  • Standard colours and can be considered a little plain
  • Can become quite expensive if there is a small group

Overall, there are certainly more pros than cons and a luxury limousine hire will certainly be a memorable experience.

Fire Engine Prom Transport

#2 Consider a Classic or Modern Fire Engine

If you need to get to a school prom in a group – then a large vehicle will be your best bet.

Have you considered hiring a classic or modern fire engine?

Many people are thrown a little by this possibility, but there are many available to hire and they have become increasingly popular for prom transportation.

A fire engine will certainly make a memorable way to get to prom by:

  • Arriving in style
  • Using a huge sound system (arrive playing your favourite music)
  • Be the centre of attention

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to drive the truck yourself, but the experience in itself will be awesome!

#3 Be Chauffeured in Your Dream Luxury Car

If you want to be the centre of attention, booking a luxury supercar as your transport for prom is a great idea.

Generally more popular for smaller groups of guys, supercar hire Milton Keynes isn’t all that difficult to identify.

I don’t know about you, but be driven around in vehicles such as classic Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and Aston Martin’s all sounds pretty awesome to me!

Some of the most popular supercars hired:

The selection of cars available to transport you to your school prom really is endless. Of course, some will be more expensive than others – but generally, they can be cheaper than most people think.

We suggest hiring a supercar when you are leaving school if you:

  • Are going with a date (supercars aren’t great for large groups)
  • Have a healthy budget if you want the best of the best
  • Fancy the opportunity to really impress your friends
  • Are looking for a truly memorable way to get to your prom

We cover a number of locations for prom car hire and rentals. See if we cover your area here.

Ways To Get To Prom

#4 Think Outside of the Box – Hire a Tractor & Trailer

Every group of friends wants to be unique and a little different with their prom transport.

Something that really has taken on over the last couple of years is the use of tractor and trailer hire.

Inspired by the young farming community you can certainly expect:

  • A memorable and fun arrival at your school prom
  • Certainly be one of the more “different” forms of transport
  • Save yourself some cash as rentals aren’t too pricey

Whoever has the honour of driving will need a trailer licence.

A great way to find someone local to help you out would be to:

  • Contact a local farm and make an enquiry
  • See if a local young farmers group would be willing to help

#5 All Aboard the London Bus!

This is a personal favourite of mine because:

The London bus represents an English tradition.

… And because they are quirky and fun.

If you want a memorable way to get to your prom – book yourself a London bus.

Don’t panic – there are many hiring companies out there that specialise in vintage and modern rentals. Some are even used for wedding car hire London.

Benefits of hiring a bus as transport for prom:

  • Cheap if you are part of a large group
  • Every rental will come with a designated driver
  • Enjoy your very own choice of music when en-route
  • Enjoy optional extras when you are on board

Memorable Ways to get to Prom

#6 Roll Back the Years With a VW Camper

If you want something a little different and a little nostalgic – hire a VW camper.

Popular since the 50’s – a VW camper is a great way to be remembered for your arrival.

Even more so if:

  • You have decided to go fancy dress
  • You have a reputation for being creative and artistic
  • There is a group of you
  • You need to get couples and singles to prom

However, there are a few downsides to hiring a camper.

We suggest avoiding it if:

  • Your group is larger than 6 people
  • The only vehicles you can find are poorly maintained
  • You intend on using the camper after – most are used for occasional driving

Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Transport for Prom

Hopefully, you have found some of these ideas for prom transportation useful.

If you are planning to hire a luxury vehicle or something a little more unique, make sure that:

  • You book in advance (at least a few months before your prom)
  • Communicate effectively with whoever you are hiring from
  • Inspect the vehicle and make sure that they are insured
  • Confirm the dos and don’ts with the rental (avoid unexpected charges)
  • Avoid drinking any alcohol when on route
  • All in all, we hope you have a great prom!