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Enjoy our extensive range of Hypercar Hire packages that are available all year round. We have a passion for high performance vehicles, that’s exactly why we update our fleet of Hypercars every year. At Royal Rental’s you will only ever be driving the best high performance vehicles that are available to purchase on the hypercar market.

If you’re after something that can only be described as the ultimate bedroom poster car then one of our Lamborghini’s or Ferrari’s could be exactly what you are after. We also have one of the greatest engineering accomplishments available to hire in the Bugatti Veyron.

However, if you are after something that if just as powerful but not as chaotic to look at, then one of our Aston Martin’s, Porsche’s or Jaguar’s could be right up your street.

The Benefits

  • Only Company In The UK With Actual Hypercars For Hire
  • Choose From Over 20 Models
  • Modern and Vintage Models Available
  • Specialist In Prom’s Weddings & Events
  • Self Drive Hire Available On Our Hypercars

Hypercars Available to Hire

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