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Wedding Car Hire Knightsbridge

Get to the altar in style, by a wide selection of Luxury Wedding Car Hire Knightsbridge. We supply some of the most elegant, designed vehicles available to rent for your special day, to make it even more magical!
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Prestige Car Hire

Check out our latest Prestige Car Hire Knightsbridge, we supply world leading vehicles which are loved worldwide. With familiar, well-known model cars available.
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Supercar Hire

Choose from a wide selection of unique Supercar Hire Knightsbridge, we have some of the most luxury vehicles on offer. Which are popular throughout the world, you definitely won’t go unnoticed driving around in one of our cars.
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Prom Car Hire

Win the best form of transportation with us, when you choose one of our very own Prom Car Hire Knightsbridge. Our team supply some of the most luxurious cars available to get you to your destination in complete style.
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4×4 Car Hire

For long road trips, with large groups. We have some of the most beautifully designed 4X4 Car Hire Knightsbridge. You can choose from a wide selection of colours, brands and sizes to suit you!
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Corporate Car Hire

Travel in professional style when you decide to come with Royal Rentals’ for one of our very own Corporate Car Hire Knightsbridge. Choose from a variety of elaborate and elite cars to get you to your business meeting.
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Affordable Luxury Car Rentals In Knightsbridge

Enjoy a selection of benefits when choosing one of our Luxury Car Rentals in Knightsbridge.

  • Full Insurance Covered on All Vehicles
  • Every Vehicle Comes with Specification
  • 100% Customer Service
  • World Leading in Supercars & Prestige Car Hire
  • Fixed Prices per Hour Period.


Thank you to everyone at Royal Rental’s one of the best Car Hire in Knightsbridge. I decided to go with the Ferrari in the end for my sister’s graduation. I couldn’t believe the amount of choices you had as well!

I would highly recommend anyone looking for Car Hire in Knightsbridge to check out Royal Rental’s, all of the guys are super friendly and helpful. They also offer amazing prices and we decided to with the Chauffeur, which was a nice treat.

Daisy Steinfield